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Are You At A Point In Your Life Where Everything Feels Like It Is Falling Apart? Read This… You’ll Feel Better

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Are You At A Point In Your Life Where Everything Around You Feels Like It Is Falling Apart?

Maybe you’ve hit a wall in your relationship and you’re not sure how or why you have both grown apart, maybe you’re not valued at work and something you once felt so passionate about now feels tedious and mundane, or maybe that goal you had feels further away than it ever has before. When we set our mind to something, in the beginning, the steps we take are always much easier in comparison to the bigger picture we hold in our hearts.

It’s so easy to lose your way and lose hope when things don’t go as planned but it is important to never give up on yourself because no matter how many doors close or how many things end, the universe never takes anything away unless something better is coming along, you just got to have faith and trust that no matter how bad things seem, everything will be okay, in time.

Here Are 10 Things To Remember When Everything Around You Feels Like It’s Going Wrong:

1: Life Is Full Of Stepping Stones:

When we feel we have reached a crossroads we begin to question the journey so far. Every choice you have made, every decision, every regret and the question you’re faced with now is what do I do next? Do I turn back and start again? Or do I keep going?  Life is full of little stepping stones, each one leading on to something greater. It is your job to put one foot in front of the other and take a leap of faith no matter how small that leap may seem. Remember to always follow your heart, embrace all experiences no matter how good or bad, never look back and keep stepping forward.

2: Worrying Is The Problem, Not The Solution:

‘The Law Of Attraction’ something we are all familiar with I’m sure. Our life is a result of everything we put out into the universe. If you’re constantly worrying about something, the chances are you’re going to attract situations in your life that cause you more worry. This is something that takes an extreme amount of time and understanding, however, once you realize that what you fear most is actually what you’re running towards, you will begin to understand that changing the way you think by worrying less about the problem and having more hope for a solution is how you will learn to resolve that problem more peacefully.

3: Be Proud! You Started This Journey For A Reason:

Think back to that idea, that dream.

Think about the feeling you got when you visualized all of the possibilities that could make it happen. Think about the fire inside you that made getting up out of bed each morning exciting and not daunting, think about the moment in your future when you stop and realize, you did it, you turned that idea into something magical, you turned it into a dream, your dream. You did that. So be proud and hold onto that fact. You will get there.

4: Your Passion Is Your Calling:

Neal Donald Walsh once said, “Never deny passion, for that it is to deny who you are and who you truly want to be.” 

Passion is that which drives us to want more out of life, not for anyone else but for ourselves. It is accepting something that makes you say yes to life and gives you a joy like no other. Don’t deny those feelings or moments of happiness because they are exactly why you are here, to embrace them, to live them each day.

5: When One Door Closes, 10 More Open:

When one door closes, it is impossible to think about anything else other than the feeling of hurt, denial, and rejection, but those moments are pivotal in your journey, they teach you how bad you really want something so that the next time even the smallest of gap opens for something better you give it everything you’ve got! Always know that whatever life denied you, it is because something better is and will come along, so don’t lose faith.

6: What’s Meant To Be, Will Always Be:

It’s a tale as old as time, and one I have found to be very true. No matter what you are going through right now, know that everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to. Trust the inevitable, and believe that whatever happens, happened because you had faith when all there was, was doubt.

7: No One Said It Would Be Easy:

No one said it would be easy and that’s okay. Life is about being happy and learning from our mistakes. There will be many challenges, many obstacles and that’s okay because you are strong enough to face anything. Strength comes from those who show courage in times of fear and adversity so know that whatever life throws at you, it will leave you stronger, more determined and more fearless than ever before.

You ready? Of course, you are.

8: You Are Not Alone:

Albert Schweitzer once wrote, “At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.”

 You may not realize it right away but there are people in your life, tiny sparks of light waiting to help guide you through the darkness, don’t be afraid to reach out and find these people. It’s okay to ask for help at times, trust in the goodness of others. You are not alone.

9: Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go:

Letting go of something or someone is one of the hardest things to do, mainly because it is our ego’s that get in the way. We hold on to things we know are bad for us purely because we don’t want to feel defeated or like a failure. We lack control and that is a scary thing, but anything we can no longer control in life is life’s way of teaching us how to let go. Don’t deny those feelings, trust that everything will be okay and work out for the best. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and follow your heart, it knows the way.

10: Never Give Up:

Every emotion, every obstacle, every closed door, all moments of weakness and doubt will pass. The key is to never forget who you are and who you want to be because you can still be that person. Each day is a new day to create something new, to discover parts of yourself that you never knew before. There are no rules, no limits to who you are. We are here to keep evolving and creating moments of happiness, so don’t listen to that voice that tells you, you are stupid or that something isn’t going to work out because you are the creator of your world, you decide who you are going to be. Never forget that. You got this.

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