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There’s Some Major Planetary Movement This Halloween, And This Is How It’ll Affect The Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

There are some major planetary changes taking place this Halloween. Mercury will be shifting towards Sagittarius and Venus is retrograding in Libra.

It will be till December 1st, that Mercury will remain in Sagittarius; and Venus will be in Libra till December 2nd. It’s going to affect all of us so let’s learn and be careful.


When Mercury is in Sagittarius, your mind will be full of adventurous dreams. You’ll be a bit brash about yourself but that’s ok – you have your own dreams. You might get new interests. However, Venus in Libra will bring in some issues with relationships. Venus is tricky and there may be a chance of your ex showing up. Be careful during this period – and don’t get into circumstances you’ll regret. This time is not suited for good commitments.


You will be exploring yourself and your relationship when Mercury is in Sagittarius. It’ll increase your curiosity about yourself and you’ll start understanding more about your partner, your finances and your attitude towards sex. You may experiment with new things in bed and learn something amazing about yourself. When Venus is entering Libra, you will have some issues regarding work. You might be realizing that you are working more than you are getting paid, and that will be a terrible thing. But persist – hard work always gets rewarded in the end. Especially after the retrograde.


Mercury is in Sagittarius – your sister sign. Sisters are opposite signs but don’t worry – not everything will turn around for you. You will be concentrating more on relationships and will wonder what people are talking about you. It’s because you feel happy when you are around them. Venus in Libra will make romance and sex lead your priority list. You may come across your ex but in retrospect, you’ll be able to understand what went wrong. So, there’s a learning experience for you.


It’s a busy week for you. You’ll see yourself spending more time in office than usual with the constant need to not make things pile up. You may get a bit restless but you can do it. This is the most productive period for you. Use it well and tidy up all the work. Venus in Libra will create issues regarding family or roommates – it might be a dramatic period for you with parents annoying you or past thoughts coming back. Relax – everything will be okay. This time is good for planning redecorations, so keep your mind there.


It’s an optimistic phase for you – fun, love and sex everything is arranged for you. The positive vibes of Sagittarius will make you extra creative. Maybe write something now. You will be charismatic and have good vibes, and look out for new relationships coming to you. You might be overwhelmed with the love affairs. Your classmates and siblings might annoy you, and people from the past may add to this new drama. Be strong, don’t let it put you down.


You’ll be having a bustling time. There’s a lot of movement in your life and you might invite people over for a party. Communication will increase with your family and friends, even if it’s about domestic stuff. The past and long-lost dreams will occupy your mind. Venus retrograding will mess with your finances though. You might not even be connecting with people well because finances are the priority in your mind. Start saving now.


Your social life will get an increase and you’ll be making more connections even over small talks. It’s your inner desire to connect that will help you form new bonds and make you learn more. Venus however, will make you rethink about the value of your current friends and relationships. There will be some drama. You might break up with someone and be unsure how your attraction works. There will be new romantic interests but none may be what you want – and if you are attracted to one, wait for the retrograde to pass to find out!


It can be a fun time, but you are always serious, Scorpio. You will be looking at optimism realistically and not be swayed by it. You’ll spend more time calculating finances or discussing it. There will be opportunities of new jobs, and some pending goals may come to fruition. Venus in Libra will be bad for you – you are naturally aloof but you’ll be eager for some connection. You might even have a secretive affair.


You are outspoken but now Mercury, the talkative has come to you. You’ll express your opinions a lot more and forcefully, which might be a problem for you. It’s the time for you to pitch an idea or convince someone, but Venus in Libra might pose a problem. Too much of force in ideas may distance your friends from you so, be a bit careful about words. Choose them carefully. On the other hand, you might be able to judge who your good friends are and leave the others back. Your networks may change.


Though Mercury in Sagittarius is supposed to make you open, you might end up being quiet. But there’s a lot of reassessment of goals going underneath. The brightness of Sagittarius will give you new ideas with which you can connect and braver goals for you to pursue. Don’t act on them just yet though. With Venus in Libra, your every step will be spotted. Your supervisor will be spotting every move so be careful not to make any mistakes. Be seen for you’ll be praised after the retrograde.


There’s fun time waiting for you! You’ll have a lot of group activities and will get invited to many of them. Your social life will be high this time and they will be memorable. But with the Venus retrograde, you’ll have to do certain analyses. Serious thoughts should be given to relationships. Past people may come back and that will make you think about what friends or relationships you want in the future.


Mercury in Sagittarius is going to make you ambitious. You are a day-dreamer but you’ll be hit by reality. Don’t get overwhelmed by it. The planets will help you think and find out what your goals are and help you move towards it. There may be promotions and raises around the corner but wait for the retrograde to pass. With Venus in Libra, you’ll be saddened by some unexpected spending. Don’t get freaked if former sexual partners show up all of a sudden. The stars predict that too.

So, there’s too much taking place this Halloween. Take care of your relationships and watch your words. Best of luck and have a great future. The planets are with you.

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