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How To Stop Energy Vampires From Sucking The Life Out Of You

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by Conscious Reminder

What are energy vampires? Energy vampires are those people who absorb your positive energy and leave you drained. They are always hungry for the energy of another person.

Generally, energy vampires are full of negativity. Hence, if you interact with them, chances are that they will make you unhappy and destabilize the harmony of your life. Here are the ways in which you can stop an energy vampire from affecting you:

1. Stop Them Before They Make Their Entry in Your Life

Energy vampires can enter your life in many ways – through social media, as a neighbor or as an office colleague. The best way to spot them is to see what they are saying.

If a person is always narrating about the cruelty of their life and how life has been unfair to them, then you should get your walls up. Don’t try to give them any advice. It is just the way to fuel them and they would try to frustrate you even more. Don’t let their negativity make a pawn out of you.

2.  Recognizing them

Energy vampires can mask themselves quite easily. They mask themselves through their dramatic narratives, their painful stories, and their gossip. At first, these stories will draw you close to them. You will sympathize with them and want to help them.

But then, you will start to realize something is not right. Don’t ignore what your gut says. If you are already having a headache, sadness, confusion, and negative vibes, you are already on your way to become a victim of an energy vampire.

3. Recharging

If you have come across a person who seems to be an energy vampire, then chances are that you are feeling quite tired. Your energy has drained out and you are searching for a way to recharge.

Stop entertaining someone who is complaining and making it hard for you. Enter a natural place, meditate, or exercise. Don’t let negativity consume you.

4. Confronting

Sometimes, it’s best to confront people and show them who they actually are. It is possible that a negative energy vampire has sucked you dry with their negativity. In the process, you might feel so exhausted that you just cannot go on any longer.

At that time, just tell the person how you feel. Once you reveal that, you will make them understand that they are hurting themselves as well as other people too – people they might value a lot.

5. Distance

Finally, an energy vampire will try as hard as possible to stick close to you. They are trying to develop a close relationship so that you, as an energy source, never leave their side. But don’t fall for this trap.

It might affect your physical, mental and emotional health. Take the decision to move away from an energy vampire. Start distancing yourself from them.

Try to engage with the positive energy around you. An energy vampire will fill your life with despair. Don’t give them that power.

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