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Virgo Season Starts August 23rd: Welcome The Power Of Independence In Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun will be moving away from the fire sign, Leo and enter the Earthy Virgo on 23rd August. It will be staying there till September Equinox on the 23rd.

The Sun enjoys Leo and loves to engage in the power of that sign – since it’s fiery. The Sun represents our confidence levels and ensures that we feel great about ourselves. Under Leo, it has made us feel proud of who we are and our achievements. Now, it moves to the sign of the virgin.

Virgin is a word that has been contaminated in recent times. It was not used for sexual experience at all but about being complete. The idea of a virgin was someone who is complete in themselves and does not need an alliance of someone else.

Even in Greek mythology, virgin goddesses like the Goddess Virgo were assigned sacred duties. These goddesses could do it themselves and did not require an ‘other’ to help them out – hence, they were virgins. The sign Virgo is about feeling complete.

It’s about using the confidence of the Leo season and putting yourself on the straight path. Virgo is someone who knows their weaknesses and their strengths.

It is about finding the strengths and weaknesses that the Leo sun has made prominent and working with them. There is no need for a person, or for money or stuff – we are whole in ourselves. We love who we are – independently.

When the Sun is in Virgo, you would probably ask ‘How can I be whole and complete within my own self?’

You would also ask yourself where changes are to be made and what things do not support your wholeness. You have to believe that you are perfect and only then will that perfection show. When the sun departs from Virgo and enters Libra, things will take a turning point, so you should utilize our Virgo Sun well.

The Libra Sun indicates the starting of Autumn or Spring. This might be our final chance this year to get things in order with the Summer or Winter energies. So, start getting disciplined, put your routine in order and be attentive about your health.

With the Equinox coming in, you will feel like you need to do a lot more before it finally arrives. You might begin a new project or finish an older one – but don’t worry, the Virgo Sun will back you up in all these projects.

The Virgo sun sets the proper work ethics as well as tunes your attention to catch details in a way that gets all the job done fast. But the energy tells us not to be too harsh on ourselves – we want to go for perfection but that perfection should not become our enemy. It should encourage us better.

Virgo also deals with our digestive system. It wants us to pay more attention to what we are consuming as food can have a significant effect on our energy levels.

If you are suffering from digestive issues, you might want to detoxify. Find you what might be causing such problems in your body. Get the right nutrients in. The energies of the Virgo sun will be different for different people.

August 24th also brings the amazing Venus and Mars alignment which will heighten your creative side.

As both the planets are cosmic lovers, you might get to meet your soul mate or your twin flame. It is especially important to be whole for this relationship since that could make you realize who your soul mate or twin flame is.

The Virgo Season will also experience Saturn going direct on 18th September, speeding up our work so that we can complete it fast. Be independent, be whole, be virginal during this Virgo season.

It brings independence and power to you.

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