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7 Facts About Karma You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The universal law of Karma which has also been accepted by science is at work all around us.

What Newton’s third law is all about is also how life works. Karma, in Sanskrit means deed. So whatever we do, whatever we’ve done in our past lives all comes back to us.

Even as we breathe we are putting a little of our energy out into the universe. And all our little actions accumulate and turn into real events and happenings.

Here are the 7 laws of Karma, which will help you understand the concept better:

1. Karma is not about punishing us for the wrong done by us. It is not solely about punishment. It is a part of our soul. All our actions are influenced by it.

2. The law of karma is here to help us navigate through this life. The sufferings and the rewards and all other challenges that life throws at us are here so we can move on to the next realm. It helps us in distinguishing between the right and the wrong to help us choose a better path for ourselves.

3. It doesn’t matter if this action is big or small. Don’t think that your small efforts are not good enough. Every action compounds and has big ripples in the future. Every small act that you do goes forth in the universe and helps shape the events of the future. You can never know how your acts can impact someone else, and the change it can cause.

4. Doing good karma will actually positively affect your brain. So says science at least. It triggers good retribution which is good for self healing.

5. There is a way with words you can use words to cleanse your karma. Sometimes without even knowing it we invoke bad magic. This is an ancient incantation which can help boost karma.

6. When we realize that even our thoughts and the most insignificant actions have an impact on our reality, we become more patient and stop taking actions in haste.

7. Also, it means that whatever negative karma we have acquired till now, can be changed. Because it is completely in our hands to guide our future.

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