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8 Signs He’s Not The One To Merry, Even Though You Really Love Him

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by Conscious Reminder

Usually, the image which we have for a person and we want that person to look is more attractive than the one showing who that person really is.

There are several signs which you should put your attention on, and when you notice some of those below, you should know that it is the time to continue your way.

1. Having their guard up

One thing which should undoubtedly increase with the growth of your relationship is emotional intimacy. If you or your partner is afraid to open up, there is actually no place for some honesty in your relationship.

2. Not addressing mistakes done in the past

Maybe your partner cheated on you, and some things were still unresolved. They have never told the reason for their cheating, and a lot of things are so cloudy as a heap of dust.

3. Left unresolved issues

You have unresolved problems. Instead of being so, they are actually put under some rug until all the tension goes away. Actually, there are a lot of things which can be done before boiling up your feelings to the outside, but you will just harbor ill feelings on the way.

4. Being curious about living your life without your partner

Perhaps, you are wondering about how your life would have looked like when, for example, you gave your chance to someone else. Maybe you also catch yourself while you imagined what would happen if your partner was not there.

5. Destroying the relationship

For months, things were just not moving, and your relationship withered. As some research suggests, relationships appear in two dimensions, scarring and growing. When a relation continuously scars and is not developing properly, the scarring on an emotional level will probably destroy the relationship.

6. Contempt or some other toxic behavior 

In such a case, you have your relationship filled with some toxic conducts – even some minor, like mocking or rolling eyes. Some other poisonous behaviors actually include defensiveness, criticism and stonewalling about what your partner has and wants to say.

7. Calls from your gut

Actually, regardless of how hard you are trying to shrug all those things off, there will be something which will always feel off. However, you have to listen to the voices coming from inside, as they may know certain things.

8. Mistreated and misread

When a relationship is progressing, a lot of individuals forget to put some more efforts in order to make the things last longer. They jump to some conclusions or point fingers, and they forget about the importance of their partner. Such situations can usually lead the partners to add fuel to the fire instead of trying to stop that fire between them. 

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