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7 Signs Indicating You Are Dating An Emotional Psychopath

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by Conscious Reminder

You will definitely not like to be with someone that is known to be a psychopath. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are manipulated by such people in relationships, without even realizing that, until it becomes too late.

Emotional psychopaths are people that are going to be very toxic for you. They tend to abuse others and bring others nothing else but pain. You should have in mind that psychological and emotional abuses are so true as the physical form of abuse. So, if you have a partner that does some of the things which are listed here, you will have to leave him or her and find a better one.

Here are the seven things indicating that your partner is an emotional psychopath. Pay attention on them:

Emotional psychopaths believe they are far better than others.

If your partner believes that he or she is a better person than you, there is something really wrong in this relationship. Your partner has to put his or her needs at the same degree as your needs. However, psychopaths usually make their partners feel as they are never good enough. This is definitely not good.

You feel on and also off continuously.

An emotional psychopath continuously breaks up with you, and after that gets back to you again. You have a relationship which is constantly on edge, and everything you do is not enough to please them. This is going to leave you depressed and also force you to walk on eggshells.

Emotional psychopaths are also insensitive to emotions and needs.

Everything that really matters in their life is their needs, as well as emotions. They just don’t care if you are happy or you are not. At times when you will feel down, he or she will not be there to support you and cheer you up.

Deny of being responsible for the actions they take.

These people believe that they can actually do or also say everything they would like to. They don’t respect any law or rule. They consider themselves better than those rules and laws. Regardless of what they actually do, they will never admit they are responsible for something.

Emotional psychopaths tend to gaslight you.

They will always try to lie to you or also trick you. They are manipulative people, making you think that you have a wrong reality perception. So, it is not important if you possess a proof for something, they are always going to deny that.

Controlling other people.

Frequently, they are going to tell you to stop seeing family or friends. They are going to do everything that is needed in order to control you, as well as your emotions. When he or she tells you what to wear and what not, you have to see that as a clear sign.

Blaming others for everything.

While that is going to be something that you are not able to control, you are always going to be the person to blame. When they make a mistake, it is yours and not their mistake, so for everything they do, you will always be blamed. This can be really upsetting and frustrating.

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