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The Astrological Significance Of Planet Mars

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by Conscious Reminder

Mars symbolizes taking charge, being energetic and active and also new beginnings. It helps you to move towards your goals.

No matter what your personality type is or what your passions and ambitions are when you decide to work towards something and feel energetic, that’s the impact of Mars on you.

When Mars aligns with Venus, the planet symbolising love, then they are known as “Astrology’s Lovers”.

These two planets come together and influence our perceptions and ideas about relationships and love.

Venus focuses on what we want from our love life, whereas Mars deals with the steps to achieve those wishes.

Mars Trivia

Star Sign Ruled By Mars: Aries

Dominated House: 1st Self House

Mars Retrograde Period: Once per 2 years gap, lasting for about 10 weeks

Mars’ Stay In Each Star Sign: 6-7 weeks

Period For Full Zodiac Trip: Almost every 2 years

Relation Between Mars and Aries

The crimson planet, Mars reigns over fiery Aries. They enjoy a special connection for centuries since Mars is the Roman God of War whereas Aries is the Greek God of War.

Mars symbolizes action, energy, motives and passion that influences Aries’ energy. The red planet is considered to be the lead, who initiates new plans and adventures, like Aries.

Relation Between Mars and 1st House of Self

Being a sign with passion and determination, Mars is in the forefront as the king of the first house of self. It portrays your personality type and features that are special to you. It deals with freedom, self-expression and understanding of the self.

Lessons of Mars

Being the first planet in the solar system, it really takes the lead in all situations. It’s passionate and active that helps in its journeys. Red refers to passion as well as rage. Therefore its position in our lives says a lot about how we deal with anger. Earlier due to its association with anger it was called a “bad” planet, slightly better than the sun.

To fully explore Mars’ potential, it’s important to be active and energetic. Do something you like and be dedicated to it. As you start, Mars will guide you on your journey.

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