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Virgo New Moon On September 9th: Brand New Opportunities

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon of September falls on September 9, which is very fortunate for the main influence in September is Jupiter sextile Pluto. This would emerge fully on September 12, bringing forth varied opportunities, to the world.

But, there is a slight hitch in the plans as the New Moon September is towards Neptune, which is the initial cause of deception, fear, and betrayal, that would lead to a stoppage in the productivity of the people, Although, this can be easily fought with for the pros far outweigh the cons, and resolving these problems would work a long way in reaching our goals, which is our ultimate destination. The positives are way more in number than the negatives, and the New Moon would ultimately lead you to face your fears, and get rid of them, thus bringing forth a new you.

What Is A New Moon

A new moon represents a new turning point in the cycle. It signifies the end of one cycle, and the start of another cycle. When Sun is in conjunct with Moon, it exudes a force of energy and innovation. Hence, it is an important time, to crack a fresh shot at the target, to start over afresh, while you can also retrospect about the past, and question everything that was bothering you before, while moving on with your life. 

The effect of this moon would last for four weeks, which would enable us to start with our plans in the first couple of weeks of September, without having to worry about it failing badly. The waxing phase lasts from September 9, to September 24.

Astrology For New Moon September

The astrology for September dictates that three planets would have a great impact on the new moon. The problems created by Neptune would be absolved by the benefits gathered from Jupiter and Pluto, since this New Moon has Jupiter sextile Pluto just three days before it takes place. This would ensure that any negativity that is spread by Neptune gets resolved by the positivity spread from Jupiter and Pluto.

New Moon Problems

New moon opposite Neptune is guaranteed to bring forward several new issues in one’s life. One needs to be aware that this time would be perilous for them, and confusion and strife would run afoot. It is important to keep a cool mind under duress, or else, it would destroy the individual. It needs to be kept in mind, that one can easily get rid of it, but with a bit of patience, and courage.
Also, it is important to be true to oneself, for if you can’t face yourself in the mirror, it is pretty evident that you will never be able to face anyone ever. 

New Moon Solutions

New Moon sextile Jupiter would bring good luck, and happiness. It would give one the strength to deal with bad luck, and obstacles in their way, while also taking care to increase creativity, and the imaginative power of an individual, thereby leading them to a prospective new career, and where the individual could pitch new ideas without failing.

New Moon trine Pluto gives one the focus and determination needed to work through everything. In the present generation, being focused is a rare gift, and with everything that happens around us, it is pretty hard to maintain balance, at all times. But, this trining would help in maintaining focus, and determination, needed to uncover secrets. This would help in bringing about a change in one’s life, which would be positive in all respects.

New Moon September 2018 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles, September 9 at 11:01 am
  • New York, September 9 at 2:01 pm
  • London, September 9 at 7:01 pm
  • Delhi, September 9 at 11:31 pm
  • Sydney, September 10 at 5:01 am

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