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Sun Enters Sagittarius On November 22nd: This Is What It Means For Your Star Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Every year, just as fall comes to an end and the trees are bare, the Sun heralds itself into the constellation of Sagittarius, thereby marking the start of winter. Entering the ‘Archer’ on November 22nd, overlaps with the holiday season, thus making it even more interesting with the heightened energies. 

Just a day later, on November 23rd, we will witness a Full Moon rising in the Gemini constellation. This Full Moon is complicated. The Full Moon in Gemini is curious and hungry for ideas and information. It can bring sudden awareness to our lives and a rather urgent “need to know,” to get an important message across, to finish a communications project, or to make an announcement.

Sagittarius is the Bohemian nomad when it comes to the sign. They hate anchors, be it jobs, relationships or simple bonds that hold them down.

As a result, they party harder than all the other signs combined. They are far more social too.

And with the Sun in their constellation, this aspect of social life will get a jolt of energy. So expect a jolt in your social life too.

Social life on a bigger scale basically means your influences from foreign lands will be stronger and you might be the first in your circle to find some obscure but brilliant foreign TV show or film.

The Sun is also heading towards an alignment to Jupiter, and Mercury, even though it’s ahead of Jupiter, is heading for Jupiter and the Sun in retrograde motion, suggesting that we’ll be looking at past matters in new ways. Acting hastily or haughtily may trip us up, however.

Here is how the signs will hold up thanks to these planetary events:

1. Aries

Aries and Sagittarius are similar signs, both fire and both more or less Bohemian. Thing is Aries is a warlike sign, someone who actively seeks out conflict.

Also, there are chances of things getting too ‘fighty’ so to speak. And second, given it is a time to party and be entertained, with Aries, you just never know. Such burst of energy might just be a bit too much.

2. Taurus

This is going to be a time of change. You might be finding a better job, a better residence, or a new and better relationship. This is the time when you get out of your cosy little box and explore.

Given the energies are largely benevolent around, you won’t regret it.

3. Gemini

This is the time when you find someone you lost in the past. This is when they re-enter your life and in a good way, do not repeat the mistakes they made last time. Your job will be to meet them halfway there and not make the mistakes you made last time too.

Do not be indecisive about things this time. Fight your better nature if you must, but do it.

4. Cancer

This will be the time to travel. Like Taurus, you are a grounded sign. Well, try to get out of your room once in a while this month. It will be worth it. Promise.

5. Leo

This month brings the opportunity for love and seduction. Winter is the season of cuddles anyway. Take full advantage of the vibes and make sure you spend ample amount of time with the person you love.

6. Virgo

The signs are encouraging you to take a long trip, maybe a month-long. This would make things, when you come back, far more clear and lucid. It always does.

7. Libra

Be optimistic, for this month is going to be really good in an all-round way. Just take care of your health, as you spend this month indulging.

8. Scorpio

You might want to be careful with your current relationship at this point. At the end of the month, energies of possession are at an all-time high. So, tread carefully with things.

9. Sagittarius

You are going to be really good this month. Literally, here comes the sun, to you.

10. Capricorn

Your friends will bring some really cheery news for you. Wait as it’s not going to be long.

11. Aquarius

This is the time for seduction, wooing and flirtation. Bask in the glory of love, friend.

12. Pisces

Optimism is key as things are going to look up for you. Financial opportunities might arise. Be hopeful and seize them the first chance you get.

Happy holidays people!

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