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Discover The Violet Flame And All The Ways You Can Use It

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by Conscious Reminder

According to the wisdom of Angels, the Violet Flame is actually an expression of the Seventh Ray of Creation.

The Violet Flame is the result of a ceremony which has the ability to transmute the negativities, as well as the karma of humans. The use of this instrument helps in constantly accelerating the vibrations of the energy fields within us.

What is going to happen in our life when we figure out a certain way of finding a better balance?

The Violet Flame, in fact, can be utilized for cleansing the karma, renewing some energies, and healing relationships, as well as bringing harmony in life.

According to some experts, such tool for transformations actually rules the Age of Aquarius, which started in 1954 and has an influence on the cycle which we are living now. With releasing our mind from some constraints and limited beliefs, this flame also permits us to reach the equilibrium where there is a necessity for it.

The truth is that some of the advantages of this appeared a long ago and helped a lot of people.

What is the significance and representation of the Violet Flame?

This helps in identifying all the things which have to be purified, as well as renewed, also bringing freedom to everyone that needs it. It actually works on the spiritual, as well as physical planes.

Another name of this is the Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy as it was said that, in fact, the flame is a representation of Holy Spirit’s vibrations.

When this flame meets some of our negative feelings and thoughts, such as anger, stress, hatred, depression and hurt, it actually generates positive things and harmony.

The Violet Flame is an expression coming from the Seventh Ray that has the aim to unite spirit and matter. The Seventh Ray is actually a divine instrument which has the ability to transform ideas and behaviors. It can treat spiritual, physical and emotional diseases, cure traumas, ease pain and sufferings, clean the negative karma, and help in hard times and dissolve obstacles.

This flame is also considered as quite useful when it is utilized together with the mantras of Lord Ganesha. It acts on existing beings, and even in substances like people, objects, houses, oceans, cities, rivers, as well as countries or the whole planet.

How can we use the flame?

To use the flame in our life, we need to ask the Higher Self to transmit such energy. After that, we should start visualizing that the flame forms on the top of our head. Also, we should try imagining that the violet flame and fire ball is running throughout our body, entering our crown chakra, and passing throughout each of the seven chakras.

For a certain period, we should imagine the energy is acting on our heart chakra, as well as bringing some balance to our spiritual, energetic and physical body. Then, we should ask the flame to transmute negative things into positive ones, with that harmony and healing coming into us harmlessly.

In order to absorb the entire energy which is emanated from this flame, we can perform a mentored meditating for a couple of minutes. In that way, our mind will relax and open to the benefits of healing which were brought with the flame.

Also, we can add some prayer and give our own touches to operate. It would be worth to use crystals, flowers or incenses, or anything that will leave this environment prepared and energized for the time of interiorization.

We just have to find some comfortable and quiet place and release our imagination which will attract all the positive things we would like to.

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