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Thunder Full Moon Lunar Eclipse On July 5th. Are We In For The Biggest Energy Shift Of 2020?

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by Conscious Reminder

We are now set to witness the third and final Eclipse of the second Eclipse season of the year and also of the Cancer/Capricorn axis.

The Full Thunder Moon is scheduled for the first week of July, and its Eclipse will bring a massive energy shift for everyone.

Thunder Moon:

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the July Full Moon is called the Thunder Moon because it rises with a rising number of thunderstorms across the country.

Native American tribes also used to call this Moon the Buck Moon since the male buck deer started growing their antlers around this time.

Thunder And Eclipse:

The Lunar Eclipse of the Thunder Moon will be a penumbral Eclipse where it will be visible only slightly. It won’t be prominently visible like other Eclipses, but the energy it brings will be rather prominent. Most penumbral Eclipses are quite difficult to spot, but we all feel the changes they bring.

A sense of clarity and calm will be felt soon. But this is also the time of sowing new seeds, and you can reap the benefits as early as this September! Mars has shifted to Aries already and will turn Retrograde on 9th September. This will lead us to the last and final Eclipse season of 2020 in November.

What is unique about this year is that usually, we have about 4 Eclipses in one calendar year. But 2020 has in store a total of 6 Eclipses!

Changes And Shifts:

Meanwhiles, try to be more accepting of the many changes that are about to be set in motion with the Thunder Moon Lunar Eclipse. Instead of trying to fight it, enjoy your journey via all the turns and tumbles. Only when you surrender to life can you truly enjoy its joys.

July and August have renewal in store. 2020 has already brought many changes and surprises to our lives.

But the ones who made the most of those energies were the ones who accepted them instead of fighting those changes. The Sirius Gateway will be opening up soon as well and shine its super energy on us.

Release the things that hold you back. Don’t nurture what hampers your growth. Relish the freedom you have in life and appreciate all the beauty around you. Give yourself the gift of freedom.

You will soon gain clarity about your life’s journey. Make sure you are prepared to handle the supercharged energies the Thunder Moon Lunar Eclipse is about to bring in your life!

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