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Pisces Season 2019 Won’t Be A Walk In The Park For These 4 Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

The season of Pisces is right in front of us, and a lot of people may probably already felt the effects. However, there are four signs of the Zodiac for which this season was not something quite good.

Every year during this period, our Sun travels through the sign of Pisces. This leads the collective throughout what is usually called the energies collective.

Pisces is definitely the most compound Zodiac sign, so because of this, the season of Pisces may feel like an enormous blur.

Here are the four signs which should hold their breath, as they will have a quite wild ride during this season:


Those people who are born under the sign of Aries might all of a sudden notice that they feel like they don’t have enough energy like they usually do. They are going to crave a burst of passion which is probably never going to come.

But, the best thing they can do is not permit it to take their best self. They have to remember to slow a little bit down during the Pisces season and take the desperately necessary rest.

Moreover, they can utilize this time in order to connect again with their inner voice or explore their psychic abilities. They should take time for themselves, because this is going to finish soon, and their birthday is right in front of them.


For those people that are born under the sign of Leo, this will be quite a sensitive period, with intimacy and physical problems coming intensely too.

There will also be complicated problems which will surround shared resources like taxes, debt, and inheritance. They should try hard not to really stress about that.

Also, they should take the needed time in order to remember and recuperate, and they are not supposed to stay forever positive. There is going to be a place and time for everything, however.


Those people that have this Zodiac sign also have a fantastic 2019. However, the season of Pisces is something entirely different. They are going to find themselves feeling quite moodier than usual, and they will also feel like they are out of place all the time.

So, they have to take it very easy during the Pisces season, take the needed rest, and also recharge as they are going to come back with full force very soon.


Although this is not going to be one of the worst periods for Aquarians, it will be a quite complicated time. For them, it is going to be really significant to look back on spending, wealth, budgeting or on their relationships with money.

They should even take the needed time to look back on their sense of self-worth. So, are they asking for enough at work, or are they getting enough when it comes to relationships with their closest people?

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