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Neptune’s Turning Direct In Pisces November 24. This Is How It’ll Affect Your Love Life Till 2025

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Neptune will be turning to Pisces this 24th of November. The blue planet has been about dreams, love, and spirituality but now it’s going toward the magical and romantic Pisces.

You could imagine the strength of energies that their communion is going to create! And these are not for just an instance in astrological terms – it’s going to be there till 2025. These powerful energies are staying with you for quite a long time.

This has been the case since 2011 when Neptune moved in to Pisces, and so if you are all wondering how much you have loved or lost, this transit is just the thing that will help you answer those questions. It shows you a lot about the distance you’ve come till now. But what changes does this transit bring into your sign?

The difficult November

November has been a bit of a tough run for all of us. With all the planetary movements taking place including Venus turning direct in Libra, it has really been a self-discovering journey. We have been through fallouts in relationships and the darkest of times. We have come out to examine it from an objective point of view.

But did we actually see things as clearly as we thought?

The problems with our thoughts are that there are so many possibilities, we can’t really imagine all of them. Our thinking always remains small. That’s why November saw many of our plans in life fail as our life events went against us. And understandably, it shattered us. And that’s the thing happening to our thoughts even now.

We can’t conceive of higher possibilities, and now that we feel like many of our plans have failed and relationships are over, there’s no possibility of true love or moving forward. But that’s exactly where we are wrong!

It’s not that if someone wants to be with another person or doesn’t date means rejection – neither is that failure in a relationship permanent. Relationship means to be able to learn and grow better. Now that the planets are with us, we can probably move in that direction. All we need is a little bit of positivity.

Things would clear up

November has brought in some major karma into the play of our lives. Our dreams, belief in romance, and all the magic has been challenged. It’s almost like none of it was true. We have probably even stopped learning at one point. Now, while in retrograde, our thoughts have become a little foggier and our illusions have been challenged since June.

It was the first time Neptune slipped into retrograde in Pisces and really screwed us all up. But don’t think this was all bad! This time was necessary as our disillusionments were countered and cleared. Truth was restored to our illusions and now, the lies are out in the open. We are now able to see things as they are.

Focusing on those hidden thoughts

While Neptune is coming into Venus, it might bring up certain feelings which you had not really thought to be true. Our partners may seem like someone completely different. But trust the planets, Neptune doesn’t make up feelings which are not completely true.

Take some time out and process these thoughts and look at the past, after retrograde. If your partner has hurt you in any way like engaging in cheating or showed any toxic characteristics, it’s time to think things through. The planets are here to show you the right way. Take a deep breath and start focusing on YOURSELF.

Don’t think of what you’ll lose and how you’d come in terms with the loss. We can lie to ourselves, and we can trap ourselves into different illusions, and that’s why we need wake-up calls. This is your moment – Neptune in Pisces is the wake-up call. Attend to it.

The magic of the planets

But there is good news if your relationship is true. Neptune is magical, and it will bring in all the too-good-to-be-true elements into your life. Since Venus turning direct in Libra is also taking place; that means your relationship is stronger than ever.

Their communion will start removing all the blocks experienced in our love life and will help us move forward. Our intents will be definite and our behavior consistent – the two main things for any stable relationship. This is not only for the planets, but for the choices we made to set up boundaries during the retrograde that will help us flourish in our relationships.

This is no time for begging and trading – it’s time that we choose a proper relationship where our connection is unique. Our love should not be like a dream, but a balance of reality and dreams.

Dreams dissolve when we wake up. We are going to form something of much more substance. Now, if our reality is just our dream, so is the love which we can create!

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