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Dreamy Sagittarius Full Moon Rising On June 17th: Let Your Intuition Guide You

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by Conscious Reminder

17th June marks the day when the Full Moon comes in Sagittarius. It is just a few degrees away from the Galactic Center.

Since the Full Moon is so near to the Galactic Center, it is ready to update the energy present on Earth and then, increase the frequency in all our lives.

The Full Moon will bring higher rates of frequency and vibration levels in our lives. It will also help us to reach higher realms of creativity if we allow it to flow through us.

The Full Moon is dreamy – it charges your intuition. The result: you will be able to unlock the age-old wisdom present within us.

The thing is, everything we require to know about us and the world – the great jigsaw puzzle – everything is present within us. We just need time to nurture us. The Full Moon brings nourishing energy to us.

Plus, the Full Moon is falling on Sagittarius. The fire sign will combine with the Full Moon and fire up the quality that it has. Truth will be our focus during this month.

We will try to rise from our pits of darkness and enter the world in an authentic manner. We will be who we are – with our baggage and everything. The truth is not something judgmental or wrong – it does not fling blame on someone.

Rather, it is all about reaching the root of the soul within. Truth is all about unmasking and discovering the thing that you love. It might be challenging, but it is truly worth it.

There are several areas of our lives where we would require to be truthful. Similarly, there will be areas of our life which will shine due to our honesty. But it requires courage to reveal the truth.

The Sagittarian energy lends this courage to us. The fire will no longer allow our fears to capture our lives. It will make us more capable of capturing our destiny – it will allow us to light up without getting seen.

The Full Moon light is trying to lighten up the fire that we all hold within. The fire is pumped up with the Sagittarian energy. Remember, in life, you are the one to take the aim.

Trust the winds, trust the energy flow and make the right decision. If you feel uncertain about life, then think about it. Which step should you take? Where do you think you are going wrong?

Once you get the target, start moving towards it. The wisdom is yours to use. Full Moons are about release – and it is especially true, when you have the Eclipse season coming up.

In July, the Eclipse will be potent. Full Moon of June is trying to make you aware of it. Be prepared. Do not dismiss any subtle clues that are forming all around you.

If you can, try keeping a journal. Meditate. It is only with a calm mind that you can truly understand the Truth of things. And then, you can use it to guide your way ahead.

Let the Full Moon make you fall in tune with your intuition and emotions. Cheers.

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