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What Does It Mean To Be Born On The Cusp Of Leo And Virgo?

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by Conscious Reminder

Every year, on 22nd/23rd August, the Sun exits Leo and enters Virgo. If the day of your birth is somewhere near those days, then you might have the characteristics of the sign of the Leo-Virgo cusp.

However, “cusp babies”, or those who were born during a zodiac season’s ending or starting days, have no basis astrologically. After all, planets can reside in only one sign at one time. So then what does it leave the whole “cusp baby” idea?

Cusp signs might not be a thing, but one can identify as having the traits of two seasons if they are born in a transition period. For those born during the cusp between Leo and Virgo, there may be several reasons behind the feeling of a combination.

Personal planets, such as Venus and Mercury, always remain in close company to the Sun. So if you are a Virgo or Leo, then one of the personal planets may be in Leo or Virgo respectively.

MeaningThis may give you the qualities of both Virgo and Leo. Thus, it is even more important for understanding the traits of the cusp of Virgo and Leo.

Then, let us see how Virgo and Leo’s energy interacts. Leo season happens when summer is at its full blast. Its energy asks us to make full use of our passions as the sun shines on us. Virgo season, on the other hand, has more to do with organizing our lives as well as making preparations for the coming fall.

The zodiac’s ascension is a story. Each sign’s energy is a chapter that builds from where the last ended. So, the energy shift will be felt by all signs when the Sun travels over the cusp of Leo and Virgo.

Having Extremely High Standards

Leos have a passionate sense of self-confidence, while Virgos are perfectionists, and often picky. So what happens when the two are combined? The standards become as high as the sky is.

The regal energy of Leo knows that only the best is fitting for it. Meanwhile, Virgo’s vibe is about focusing on the details, making them highly selective. The mash-up thus results in having extremely high expectations, as well as very good taste. This is a major trait of those born on the cusp between Leo and Virgo.

Being Extremely Helpful

The Sun rules the sign, Leo. This makes its energy immensely warm, life-giving, and generous. Virgos might not be able to match the proudness and loudness with which Leos gas up people. But they are very altruistic.

They are also excellent at utilizing their meticulousness to make the world surrounding them better. The synthesis of these energies makes super-helpfulness, an essential trait of those born on the cusp between Leo and Virgo.

Being Expressive & Strong Speakers

Leos enjoy the spotlight, and always seek to creatively express themselves. Mercury, the mental planet, rules Virgo. As a result, they are thoughtful communicators as they have a way with words. The power for drama of Leo combined with the cool straight logic of Virgo makes these cusp an effective place for self-expression and effective speakers.

Combining Pleasure & Work

Virgo has a relation to astrology’s sixth house, which has everything to do wellness, work, and routines. Leos, on the other hand, are related to the fifth house, filled with pleasure – passion projects, creativity, and romance. When these two themes are fused, the cusps of Leo and Virgo get a natural ability to balance responsibility and leisure time.

This cusp energy knows all about playing hard and working hard. They know that they are nothing more than two sides to the coin. They also know how to make it advantageous to them.     

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