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10 Ways Love Can Be A Unique Experience When You Find The Right Person

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by Conscious Reminder

We fall in love multiple times in our life. But nothing feels similar or even close to the love we feel when we are with our perfect match. Not just loving, but even the sentiment of feeling loved changes in the hands of the right person.

Trust us, it isn’t rocket science to understand that your right match will do everything to make you feel loved.

Their entire way of showing their love for you will be different and respectful. And if you are with the wrong person, love will simply be a shadow of what it truly is.

Here are 10 signs that will help you understand if your partner is the right one for you or not.

1. Happiness Is Abound When They Are Around You

Yes, your happiness isn’t their responsibility, but they will make you happy just by actions. You wouldn’t have to worry that you aren’t feeling the warm glow of happiness when they are around, for they will turn out to be your source of happiness.

2. Safety And Security Is Their Promise

They will make sure that you are always secure and safe. To them, your well-being is their utmost priority. They won’t put you in harm’s way under any circumstance and will try to prevent any danger from coming onto you.

3. Acceptance Is Key

Your perfect match will not judge you or criticize you based on who you are. They will be accepting of every aspect of you. You are who you are, and someone’s judgment is simply not warranted by you. They will understand where you come from and won’t try to change you.

4. Your Feelings Will Be Appreciated

If you are with someone who will always respect your feelings and appreciate you for caring enough to have those feelings, they are the right person. They will always think about what you are thinking and the reason behind you feeling all these sentiments. Your best match will never take you or your feelings for granted.

5. Spending Time Together Is A Priority

They will make sure to take time out of their busy schedule to be with you. It doesn’t matter how busy they might be, you are still an important part of their life- one that they cannot neglect. If they truly love you, they will never ignore you.

6. Love Stays When It Is Required

If you are with the right person, you will find them beside you, whenever you need them. It doesn’t matter when, why, or how, they will always be by your side to help you out. They will see you at your most vulnerable and they won’t leave you for it.

7. Hard Truths Won’t Be Sugar-Coated

The right partner will never sugar-coat what they mean. If there is something that bothers them about you, they will come clear about it. They will not beat around the bush and they will put their facts before you- simple and straight.

8. Kindness Is Important

When the right person loves you, they’ll make sure to not be rude or unfriendly towards people who matter to you. Your friends will be their friends, and while they might not like all your friends, they will still be civil towards them.

9. Boundaries Will Be Respected

The right person will never overstep their boundaries. They will simply know when to leave you alone and when to go beyond. Your boundaries are as important to them as their own boundaries and they know that some things ought to be private.

10. Encouragement

Probably the most important aspect of the right person, encouragement is key to a stable relationship. If your partner doesn’t encourage you to do things and push you to your potential, the relationship will get stagnant and end quite abruptly. The correct person will know what to say that will motivate you.

So, have you found your right match yet? Or are they somewhere out there?

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