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Do Twin Flames Really Exist Or Are They Just A Myth?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people that live spiritually are probably going to ask themselves the question whether twin flames are real or not, at certain point in their life.

Often, they ask such questions as they have not met the twin flame of their life yet, or it can also be as they grew disillusioned with a twin flame relation and now try to find the way out of that relationship.

This is quite natural, and a single part of the relationship between twin flames. That relationship also has some periods of disillusionment, as well as denial. Usually, it is among the primary lessons which we have to learn.

Do twin flames really exist?

Before a person is incarnated into its current life, he exists as a single soul on the so-called spiritual plane. After that, two different beings are born from that soul – both of them are manifested as some mirror expression on the so-called physical plane. So, one of those two is you and the second one is your twin flame.

Our Universe is created in that way for just one reason:

Every one of us needs a partner on his or her spiritual traveling. When completing that journey without any partner, the task will be more complicated.

The reason for this is as we are learning from others when we are exposed to the thought patterns and quirks which they have, hence seeing some things from a completely distinct perspective.

However, one person is excellent for this: that is the twin flame. Actually, a twin flame is the mirror expression of you and they share your mission in your life, but usually they see things differently.

Usually, your twin flame is going to challenge your assumptions, as well as help you to take a look on your flaws, or cultivate your strengths.


Unluckily, such dynamic can also be the cause of disillusionment, so you would ask yourself if twin flames exist and are real.

But, the origin of your doubt will not be from your genuine disbeliefs – inside of your heart or from your intuition, you will know that your twin flame is real – but that will occur as a result of exhaustion and fear.

When you feel exhausted from some hard work, you will have such questions. Also, the reason can be the fear of failing to achieve your spiritual aims. Additionally, you will be exhausted from your fears about that relationship. However, all this is natural. And, you are simply not the only one that feels like that. This is simply a lesson.

The key for spiritual traveling is our faith and trust in intuition. Once tested, they are going to help you in discovering your convictions.

The hardest part of the test is how you feel at the moment. However, the results from such tests are often learning some lessons which not just help you in progressing on a spiritual level, but also aid you to be happier and lead a productive life.

You are going to learn about yourself and about someone else too. Also, have in mind that twin flames exist – they are real.

People that already had such experiences of unconditional and limitless love or fulfillment of such relationship will already know that twin flames really exist.

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