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Practicing These 5 Things Can Help You Heal Your Imbalanced Root Chakra

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by Conscious Reminder

In this article, we are going to present you the five easy and practical ways for transforming and balancing your weak root chakra. Do the following steps:

Get rid of everything that doesn’t serve you anymore

You should pick your favorite room, the one in which you spend most of your time, and begin from there. You should purge, as well as remove, clean and dust each of the cranny and nook in the space. You should remember that physical space and environment reflect your state from inside. You can utilize the Feng Shui principles in order to add some magic, as well as speed to the activity of transformation.

So, while doing that, you should remove everything which is not reflecting the person you are at the moment, and the place you are about to go. The Muladhara or also known as root chakra is connected with the physical identities as it is with our spaces too.

When you finish, you can add some spiritual technique for cleansing, like smudging some sage all over the place, and see the miracles which will come.

Take up meditation

Meditating for only five minutes when you wake up or prior to going to sleep may be quite beneficial. Make sure to lengthen the spine in order to motivate the chakras’ alignment.

It is believed that the Muladhara is connected with the red color, so you should visualize the hue like a ball full of light, which radiates beneath the tailbone and expands outward. Also, you can imagine that you sit beneath some tree, drawing in the balancing life spirit of it – doing that in reality will be much better.

Keep on moving

Moving your body is the key to keeping your root chakra healthy. You can practice some dance, martial arts or hatha yoga, because any type of activity, a physical one, is going to make you feel a self-connection and happiness. Actually, you can practice all this in your home. The hatha yoga is excellent for connection body, breath, and mind. Remember to pay more attention to your sensation on a physical level, while you are stretching and holding a posture.

You can practice some poses which are more to the ground, such as skandasana or better known as side lunge, as well as malasana, or also known as low squat, in order to relate with the energy of the earth.

Make better food choices 

How right you are nourishing your inside life, which includes the foods you consume, is going to affect all the things which are manifested in the outside reality.

You should consume foods which are grounding – such as root vegetables like potato, carrots, beetroot, or turmeric for example – or foods full of proteins.

Take the journal and then answer the following questions:

    • “What is my reality at the moment and how do I see it?” – You should think of this concerning your relationship, home, career, as well as health.
    • “What I do or what can I actually do at the moment in order to satisfy my necessities?”
    • “Who is the person that supports me the most, and in what way can I gain even better support?”
    • “List about five things for which you are thankful, as they are providing you with the feeling of inner safety, support, as well as stability.”

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