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This Is What Happens When You Die, From A Buddhist Point Of View

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of the religions in the world have beliefs in regards to an afterlife. But, what beliefs Buddhists have about what happens after we die, are uniquely beautiful.

So, according to Buddhism, every one of us is going to pass a certain way as the natural part of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Buddhists believe that death isn’t the last step; instead, they believe that there is still another step, related to a cycle which never ends.

They actually believe that death is simply a physical death, referring to the temporary body of the human. Although we want to stay in our present physical bodies, simply as everything dies and decays, our bodies will do the same thing.

This particular cycle is called samsara. Moreover, it is the cycle which pushes the energies of our lives to move its place, which means from the physical body when we die, to another body or form.

But, as a lot of religions are focusing on living positive lives, so we could ensure ourselves a much better afterlife, Buddhism also focuses on that.

Buddhists believe that with the help of good actions, the concentration and wisdom’s development, or ethical conduct, our soul will become more enlightened, together with every life granted.

Such positive actions are the ones that ensure that we are going to have a much better rebirth; however, negative actions will lead to the opposite path.

When we receive true enlightenment, known as Nirvana, or when we physically die, we are going to escape from the samsara. To receive some enlightenment, the Buddhists have to realize entirely, and finally accept the Four Noble Truths, and then become awakened to reality.

This same ideology about doing and thinking in a positive way, so that we can progress, will be the identical ideology which stands behind our beliefs in karma. So, when we do something good for other people, and we progress positively, we are going to develop good karma.

However, when we do something bad for other people, and we lead negative lives, we are going to develop bad karma, and prevent our progression towards rebirth.

Buddha always taught all of his disciples never to be afraid of death, and rather than being afraid, he said that they should consider it as the additional step towards the process of enlightenment.

When a person dies, Buddhism believes that he or she is reincarnated in some of the six realms: hell, heaven, animals, humans, hungry ghost or Asura. The karma related to one person decides where he or she goes; but, these realms are not permanent.

And, when Buddha gave any thought about death, it probably was in order to prepare us for death, as it will cleanse our body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, he expressed the significance of not attaching to something material.

So, instead of grabbing onto the temporary lives for dear life, Buddha encouraged people to accept death as simply another step leading towards the final goal, which is Nirvana.

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