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Astro December 2018: Sagittarius New Moon & Cancer Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

As the year comes to an end, we all want it to be a positive finale. The good news is that the planets are on our side. The new moon in December is moving to the Fire Sign, Sagittarius, on 7th of December, 2:21am ET.

Sagittarius is optimistic and it will help us tackle with our problems in a more positive manner. But that’s not the only plus point – Sagittarius is adventurous – so be prepared to be more open to new ideas and getting brand new perspectives on different things. You will be able to think better and bigger and it’s something you’ll definitely need.

A new adventure

You’re probably a bit tired by now. All the retrogrades of the year have really brought some terrible setbacks in your life. It has been a mentally exhaustive period. But the Mercury retrograde is going to end this before the new Moon and once that’s over, we don’t have any more retrogrades to deal with.

So, things are finally looking up! It’s time that we start picking ourselves up and look at the world in new light. With the adventurous Sagittarius backing us up, I don’t think it’ll be a problem any more. We will be on a higher plane of learning about people and cultures and understanding the world in a completely new way. Let’s open ourselves to the world beyond!

Trust your gut feeling

However, there’s some complicated energy coming your way too. The New Moon will be squaring both Mars and Neptune, who is aligned with Pisces, a Water sign. This completely opposite sign will bring in some fogginess in your thought.

You won’t be quite clear as to what action you should take and this will quite understandably make you a little angry and frustrated. But before you take any action, look inside and connect with your soul more. Remember, the planets are in your favour and now, your instincts would not lie to you.

Trust those instincts and they will guide you to the best path. Don’t do anything impulsively. You might want to work on being more compassionate too, especially towards the people you have ‘othered’. There’s no ‘other’ – we are all humans, feeling the same emotions of happiness and pain.

Time to connect with your emotions

The December Full Moon will be arriving early in emotional Cancer, a Water sign, on 22nd at 12:49am ET. This sign comes closer to Home. Family life will matter to you and you will begin to feel a strong family connection at this moment. With an emotional sign like Cancer, we crave emotional support and we should better stick to the places we know we could get them like home and family. But often, we forget about others. So let’s not be selfish and be more nurturing towards others around us as well.

Looking for Emotional Growth?

Cancer is at the bottom of the Zodiac Wheel. This means we might have to go back to our inner roots. It will be difficult to go back to the foundation on which we have built ourselves, and it might be an emotional journey full of turmoil, but we have to brave it. There’s a learning experience waiting which will help us grow.

On top of that, the full moon is going to occur at a special degree of 0 degrees Cancer. While we might feel the need to bring out our personal perspectives and emotions for everyone else to understand, we also know that we lack objectivity and need it badly.

Emotions cloud us and you wouldn’t want that, do you? While we can get some objectivity when the Full Moon is in positive aspect (sextile) to the Uranus retrograde in Aries, this is out of sign and its effects will be really subtle. It might slightly help us to gain a bit of individuality, though.

It’s time for us to grow. With the New Moon in Sagittarius, adventure calls and new perspectives will bring us on a higher plane of understanding. The Full Moon in Cancer will make us go down to our roots and connect us to our emotional selves.

Make the most of these positive energies – grow and become a new person for the next year! It’s going to be worth it.

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