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Uranus Goes On A 5-Month-Long Retrograde Journey Starting August 2021

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by Conscious Reminder

Uranus, the planet that stands for change, liberation, and awakening, will be entering retrograde on 19th August 2021. It will stay there until 18th January next year.

For the starting couple of months of the retrograde, Uranus will join Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter. So there will be an especially powerful dose of planetary energy that is retrograde.

Whenever this happens, it may cause things to slow down. It might make us retrace a few of our steps before we truly charge ahead.

However, unlike most of the other planets, the Uranus retrograde will not end in October. It will remain till January next year. Uranus goes retrograde after about 7 months. It is normal and natural.

On entering retrograde, Uranus reintroduces part of its energies which it has already sent to Earth. This cycle’s energy can be found in our lives as well. We can do so by reviewing our previous 7 months’ journey.

Ask yourself if anything drastically shocking or surprising has happened that made you forcibly change your ways? Or something that has made you doubt a part of your life?

Uranus represents upheaval and sudden change. So these areas are possibly where it has influenced your life. But there is good news. During the period of retrograde, this energy can be used to stop, look around, and judge our current situation.

The shock from any abrupt or surprising changes might have started settling by now. As a result, we might have a new and clearer perspective when viewing things. It might also make us feel more reassured about things that we were doubtful about, as well. Hence, we might discover a new type of freedom.

Keep in mind that there is always a reason why Uranus shakes up lives. The main objective is to bring us awakening. It wants to set us free from behaviors that limit us, or patterns that make us feel stuck.

While going retrograde, Uranus asks us to have a new point of view when seeing things. It asks us to bring a major shift to our perspective. This will lead us to new freedom and clear the path to reach our full potential.

Taurus Is Where Uranus Is Going Retrograde

Uranus will be going retrograde via the zodiac sign of the bull, Taurus. This means that we might be feeling conflicted between releasing all that is old and accepting all that is coming.

Another theme that we may notice unfolding will be regarding the supply of food, agriculture/farming, as well as issues in the environment.

Uranus will be staying in Taurus till 2026. So these themes that we are currently working with, will be there for quite a while. Moreover, for the majority of 2021, Uranus is square with regard to Saturn. So another noticeable theme will be the fight between freedom and boundaries.

Exercise For Uranus Retrograde

First off, send your mind back and think of all that has happened between 14th January and 19th August 2021. Then ask yourself:

·   What are the ways in which you have grown during this time if any?

·   What are the new developments that have come into your life? What has been their effect on you?

·   During this period, what are the things that felt like they needed changing?

·   What are the places where you can sit back and go with the flow even more?

·   What are the ways in which you can make your life freer?

While you try answering these questions, stay open to the unique signs being sent by the Universe during this time. Once you do that, you can receive the lessons and gifts of Uranus going retrograde.  

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