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Tonight’s Pisces Full Moon Is All About Going With The Flow

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by Conscious Reminder

This year’s full moon in Pisces is going to take place on 20th September. This full moon is a good opportunity for ‘vegging’.

The upcoming full moon in Pisces will be lighting up our inspirations, dreams, and connection to everything that exists. But it might feel like an overdose and uncomfortable too. This is a feeling that will encourage the release that all full moons bring.

Moreover, it is not all unicorns, rainbows, and sunsets. The air may have wafts of gentleness and sweetness. But you will also have lenses for splitting through the haze and approach something truer, and not just an illusion.

All Kinds Of Boundaries May Be Blurred

This Full Moon is happening at the zodiac’s last sign’s penultimate degree. This position makes us feel as if we are on the verge of culmination. It is a feeling that something is being built but the end has not been reached yet.

The location, furthermore, brings higher emotions that may not be ours at all. The waters of Pisces encompasses everything and it has a tendency to blur boundaries while sloshing together people’s dramas, experiences, and feelings onto you.

This dissolving and blurring sensation is enhanced presently since the Moon has recently crossed Neptune, the ruler of the sign.

Because of the influence of Neptune, the days leading up to the Pisces 2021 Full Moon are going to be filled with confusion, magic, fanciful flights, illusion, and glamour. Neptune, Jupiter (currently in retrograde) is also in an aspect that makes us woozy.

Jupiter is Pisces’ traditional ruler. This has its unique manner of breaking boundaries. This semi-sextile brings up lovers’ ghosts, nostalgia, past desires, as well as other phantasms. This might be sweet nothings or fool’s gold.

We might as well be drunk on fantasies and memories when this Full Moon gets perfected and arrives in a dream-like state. However, that will not be the case. A sextile between Moon and Pluto will bring resolution, clarity, truth, and the ability to pop several bubbles.

The Moon To Pluto Sextile

This aspect might work in a reverse way as well. Pluto is currently moving through Capricorn. As such, it is giving off energies of renovation, and foundation and institutional deconstruction.

The Moon-Pluto aspect can soften these energies. A higher point-of-view, understanding, forgiveness, and/or compassion can be harnessed right now. We will be stripping down priorities as the metaphoric earth on which we stand continues to shift.

The sextile is also going to enable all forms of release. The release will be organic, easy, and gentle and it will provide them in several ways. There will be understanding and loving ways, tearful ways, and nostalgic and sentimental ways.

It might also involve escaping into stories of others, alternate storylines, a spirit bottle, or just a puff of smoke that soothes your mind.

This Full Moon should be used for contemplating patiently and assessing the current boundaries of others’ lives with regards to yours. But you must be kind and gentle regardless of what you realize. The Pluto sextile will give you tools for redrawing the boundaries if needed.

Vegging is another acceptable option. This Full Moon is an interval providing a break between rounds of frenzy. When late September arrives, hard truths and revelations will rock our reality.

Although the approaching impact has an influence already, there is no need for a closer look. For now, let yourself be settled and soothed by the waters.   

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