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No One Is Irreplaceable

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by Conscious Reminder

The essence of a healthy relationship

I think you should cut ties – cut ties with everyone who stopped appreciating you as a person or the relationship you share.

Whether it’s an employee, a relative, a friend, a spouse, a business partner, a client, a supplier – just walk away if you don’t like the way they are treating you.

Appreciation of the other and appreciation of what is happening between the two of you – this is the basis of a healthy relationship.

As long as you appreciate each other, you will strive to resolve conflicts, clear up misunderstandings, and improve the quality of your relationship.

People have the ability to get used to things and take them for granted. Their ability to adapt helps them accept any life conditions and circumstances.

But people are able to equally adapt and get used to both, the good and the bad.

The good becomes normal and ceases to be appreciated. Some people get the superiority complex and start taking others for granted and the phrases like “Be happy that you are living with me.”, “Be thankful for what I do for you.”, “Pray to God that I Stay Your Client” become normal and very frequent.

This is the perfect time to make a change!

If they do not listen to you, if honesty isn’t bringing you closer, if equality is not established and there is still misbalance in importance, if one of you continues to think they are more and better that the other, things need to go through a drastic change.

Like objects, people can also be replaced in life, especially if they are taking you for granted and don’t appreciate and see you as equal. Dependance is the only thing that can make you hold on to a person at any cost.

There are two people involved in the relationship, and they must appreciate one another for the relationship to work; no matter the type of a relationship is.

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