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Is Your Zodiac Sign Among The 4 Least Affected By The Full Moon In Virgo?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

The 19th of February is bringing a major lunar event our way. A Full Moon will be coming our way and it won’t be any ordinary full moon, but rather a supermoon. This means that the moon will be closest to the earth during this time.

This kind of nearness will affect all of us as the Moon is known to affect us emotionally. However, the Full Moon will be happening in Virgo. Virgo is logical and attentive to details.

As a result, it will bring us down to earth and engage us with a detailed analysis of everything around us. While most signs will be undergoing a kind of transformation due to the Full Moon, there are certain signs which will not be affected by the moon in a major way.

The Full Moon in Virgo will be a time to reflect and release, but these are the zodiac signs which will be least affected by it:


Aries generally finds it difficult to concentrate on something. They are more in tune with the larger picture and as a result, the smaller ones do not really grab their attention.

However, due to the Full Moon coming in Virgo, you will have a bit of a positive transformation as you will put your focus on your daily habits and care more for yourself.


Your life has been falling apart for some time. Perhaps, it’s your emotional side that is sabotaging everything around you and you don’t really prefer being this helpless before your emotions.

As a Cancerian, you can’t deny that emotions have a hold of you and you cannot really control it. And now that the full moon is coming, you are sure that there will be another emotional outburst due to this full moon.

But fortunately, that will not be the case since the full moon will be happening in Virgo. Your emotions will be clearer now and they will finally fall in the right places. You will be more stable and consistent with your emotional side.

Also, take this time to relax a bit more. You don’t need to go out of the way to communicate with people. Maybe this is the time for you to get away from any kind of social media and chill with your own life.


You are generally not that emotional. For the most part, as a Libra, you are very judicious and can handle your emotions very well. You have earned a lot of praise because of that.

However, the Full Moon comes in direct contact with your emotions and so, it will be a bit of a topsy-turvy situation for you. Your emotions will come out more during this period and you might find the desire to take a step back and try to relax a bit.

Do so – relax and be one with your emotions. They are quite necessary too. Engage with the energy of the full moon and take complete advantage of it.


You may have had a bit more control of your emotions but now, it might not be so. It will be a bit of an emotional period for you, but that does not mean that you will falter or be overwhelmed.

It just means that you will be able to channel your emotions properly. Also, this is the time when you might be educating or talking about certain higher subjects, like philosophy. You might even take up a Plato as your night read. Go for new perspectives because they will truly enrich you.

It’s not that you will be not affected by this Full Moon in Virgo, but the effect will be much less and mostly positive. So, let the energy flow through you and enrich you.

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What about Sagittarius???


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