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12 Signs You Are A Naturally Powerful White Witch

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In fact, witchcraft is not something that famous myths and some media made it be. So, it was never a lot of women bend over a cauldron.

Actually, witchcraft is a more important and profound craft that was utilized for centuries in order to help and heal. Just as everything else, witchcraft has some dark and some light sides. So, a white witch would be the one that works to help and make this world a beautiful and better living place. Often, they help others and ensure those people get the needed help.

However, they do not possess any specific characteristics by which they can be distinguished from other people. Simply, they possess a huge heart that makes them work hard to create a kinder and better world.

These are the characteristics which will help people to see if they are white witches:

1. Having the ability to sense special things within themselves.

These people will notice that they somehow distinguish themselves from other people. They will have the power inside them that others don’t have. It can be an apparent or non-apparent power, but it somehow exists.

2. Having their dreams with profound meanings.

They never dream unintelligible or incomprehensive dreams. Their dreams are intense and vivid, and they have a specific meaning. If they try, they can utilize such meanings in their real lives. Just like a voice from inside which speaks to them with the help of their consciousness.

3. Having a sensitive and kind soul.

These people are quite sensitive when it comes to negativity in the world. In fact, they can be hugely affected by some negative things and elements, even when they don’t want to be. One reason can be that they are not conscious of the energies they possess, so they do not have the ability to protect this world in the proper way.

4. They love to escape in nature.

For these people, nature is the solution to every problem. In fact, it provides them with physical health, as well as peace of mind. They love spending a significant part of their time outside instead of home.

5. Using alternative and natural medicines.

Undoubtedly, they avoid the use of some conventional medicines as much as they can, and instead, they replace them with some herbal ones. Natural remedies are safe and easy, and that is why they prefer them.

6. Their will to help their planet is enormous.

These people are the ones that advocate for making this planet a beautiful and better living place for all of us, like plants, humans or animals. They help with light and love, dispelling hate and darkness by becoming even better individuals.

7. They have a strong connection with animals.

As with nature, they also feel a unique and strong link with animals. Usually, such connection can be particularly strong with only one specific species. So, this is another certain characteristic of these people.

8. The greater good is significant for them.

These people actually believe in goodness and kindness of human beings. They believe that just a minor act of honesty and kindness will make great effects.

9. Believing in something they are not able to see.

These people are strong believers of ideas like as we are not able to see certain things with the eyes it does not mean that they don’t really exist. Because of this, they firmly believe in magic powers.

10. Feeling like they differ from other people.

In this typical society, these people always felt like they don’t belong. For one reason or another, these people never connected with things that are normal for other people.

11. Giving importance to the past and future.

For them, each part of their timeline has some specific and equal significance. They see how some activities from their past could actually have a deep effect on their present or the future. All this will make them see the significance of every single moment.

12. Noticing certain things which a lot of people cannot see.

These people have strong intuition, even stronger than others, which enables them to comprehend some things which other people cannot. So, they will understand, as well as provide some solutions to specific situations easier than others.

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