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New Moon In Sagittarius On December 7th: Raw Emotions On The Surface

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon of December is on the 7th, and is in Sagittarius. The New Moon will present a great time for all of us to find a place on the ground and work on everything that has been hurting us for a while now.

The fixed star Ras Algethi will be hosting the New Moon, which adds further meaning to this event. Ras Algethi means that there is some opportunity for procreation and it is also a symbol of DNA.

The double helix looks a lot like a snake and there will also be an appearance from Ophiuchus, which means that there will some misleading here and there and how could there not be? The snake’s tongue itself denotes all the lies that one spreads about someone else out of anger and hatred.

The Ras Algethi is a part of the Hercules constellation, which is a known symbol of growth, strong will and the dedication to fulfil one’s goals. With that being said, we must not forget what else Hercules stands for.

He is essentially a terrorist who goes after personal gain but then again you cannot really call him a complete black character. He is quite the paradox, which makes him really interesting, to say the least.

There is also Mercury is this mix, which brings a strange kind of edge in everyone’s lives, especially as far as the feminine is concerned.

But one must also remember that there has to be certain connection between Mercury and the right planets as without this connection, everything will result in chaos and negativity, especially when it comes to the women.

Look, Hercules can make even the most mannered of us all feel a little funky but you cannot deny that there is always this charm to him. A lot of people believe that Hercules brings, in all of us, a better understanding and a willingness to care for mother Earth and all that she has to offer to all of us.

The Ras Algethi has a wild side to it, it might make people want to take a risk and engage in activities that they would not normally engage in, there is a wisdom that is a very deeply ingrained characteristic in it. You must remember that there is not just one angle when it comes to the Ras Algethi.

There is also the Moon Square Mars that is headed our way, which is also going to cause a surge of emotions in both genders.

For men, it is going to be more about sexuality- they are going to want to be with more women than usual and for women, it would be more about sexual liberation and wanting to express their sexuality through whichever way suits them the most.

If stopped or objected to, there may be intense negative emotions like anger and so on. The Moon Square Mars is a time for family so the protective instincts are going to be strong in everyone around the world.

There will be a need and willingness to work harder than usual and make a name for the greats that existed before us. All in all, a good time awaits you. Hercules always knows what he is doing, which means that you will also know what you are doing.

It is a time to shine and get ahead in life, because the New Moon will also give you an opportunity to do away with everything that you want to and start over with newer and healthier things.

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