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7 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Karma

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Even though a spiritual principle, the karma is also considered a universal law that has been described by Newton, and called the Law of Action and Reaction.

Just like its name implies – Sanskrit: Deed or Action– it is actually the reaction to everything we already did, thought or also felt.

How it actually works?

Throughout these thousands or more years in which we are living at this or some other realm, we activate a lot of events, such as chain reaction. So, every breathing, or acting, thinking or feeling moment causes some changes in the physical and astral plane. Later on, that change of energies is going to be transformed to the actual events that are going to become a reality for us.

In fact, what we call reality right now is simply a result of every action, thought, prayer or also a curse of our past and even our present lives.

These are some of the best and most valuable things which people may not know about Karmic Law:

1. Karma exists to prevent people from suffering in the future.

The Karmic Law does not exist to punish people, but it exists to judge. In fact, karma isn’t a separate entity (such as a belief system of some religion) that weighs the actions of people, to give them rewards or also to punish them. It is the mechanism that source is the Spirit within them. They are just part of that.

2. Karma’s purpose is freeing people from this plane of existence.

Every suffering, every reward, every challenge exists to teach people their right way. The Karmic Law also exists to help them evolve, as well as ensure they are independent of this realm.

3. Just the smallest effort always counts.

People should not feel disappointed when they feel that they are somewhere in the ocean’s bottom. Just a small effort can actually help them change such a chain reaction. Even a small change of the mind is quite enough when it comes to giving them everything they crave for.

4. Scientific proofs about karma also exist.

When a person does something good, it affects his or her brain. In fact, that is going to stimulate positive retribution that can heal himself or herself and also affect their lives in unbelievable ways.

5. Karma cleansing can also be boosted.

One ancient Vedic Spell for boosting karma cleansing exists, and it also signifies that a person needs some change in his or her life. It unbinds himself or herself from the dark magic powers that they probably conjured unintentionally or intentionally.

6. Comprehending karma will help in releasing anger.

When a person finally understands that approximately everything that happens is actually caused by the actions and thoughts of human beings, it makes them responsible. So, without that knowledge, people will be lost in the Hell of ignorance, anger, as well as hatred which are caused by their misery. Comprehending the Karmic Law will release people from that pain and will put them on the driving seat too.

7. Karma may be changed at any time.

When a person finally understands that he or she is the only one responsible for their past, future or present, it gives them the chance to change that. Sure, there is no need to change right at the moment, but at a certain point, they are going to make the needed move. They just have to take their time and also plan what they want. There will not be any limit on time.

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