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Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most And Least Affected By The Aries Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Since we are already in the final few days of Libra season, it would be pretty hard to miss out on the passive-aggressiveness that pervades the air.

This is simply because of the October Full Moon, which is going to take place on the 20th of October. On this day, the moon will be moving into the sign of Aries, and the celestial energy will be ushering the signs of the zodiac to bring out the daredevil within themselves, and then fight their biggest fears.

This begets the question- how will the different zodiacs deal with the Full Moon? Which zodiacs will feel the most powerful, and which zodiacs would have to tread carefully? Read on to know more.

Signs Most Affected By The October Full Moon

Aries (21st March – 19th April)

Individuals in the zodiac sign of Aries have to be very careful, as they would be hit by the full moon in a variety of ways- and most of them would be challenging.

Since they will be fighting Libra, they would want to slow down and start making compromises- which goes against the very fiber of Aries. The best thing for them to do would be to stay indoors and deal with their issues through journaling and meditation.

Libra (23rd September – 22nd October)

Libra will be facing Aries, and this would bring about a mirror before them. They would have to finally recognize the struggles that they have been incorporating in their relationships.

The full moon is simply going to shine a light in their area, which will help them understand how far they have been compromising with their own sanity to establish a façade of peace around themselves. Take the time to recollect and reflect on how much you have compromised- and if it would be useful at all to the people around you.

Capricorn (22nd December – 19th January)

Capricorn will find themselves under treacherous waters. For them, work is really important, and the current season has them on tiptoes trying to maintain harmony- something they are finding impossibly difficult.

The full moon in Aries would definitely feel like a battle that simply can’t be won- something that Capricorn will experience both in their personal and professional life. To them, the advice is simple- take a day off and spend time alone.

Signs Least Affected By The October Full Moon

Gemini (21st May – 20th June)

Now we would be stepping into zodiac signs that would find this period relatively easy. Gemini would have things look pretty promising around them, which is important- considering the relationships they share.

Gemini would be able to keep them out of the drama while being able to provide some enlightening advice to the people they care about. In fact, they might be able to whip up something creative- simply by being on the periphery of mishaps that others will be going through.

Sagittarius (22nd November – 21st December)

Sagittarius will feel all the creative juices flowing inside them during this full moon. The energy that they will experience is all about chasing the exultation of creating something, whilst exploring that which would provide them with pleasure.

Since Sagittarius and Aries have always gelled well with each other, there is a chance that Sagittarius would find them engulfed within a renewed sense of passion, creativity, and even romance.

Aquarius (20th January – 18th February)

With Mercury being relatively direct, the full moon present in Aries would be asking you to speak the truth. The period will stimulate Aquarius with a plethora of zany and intellectual ideas, and you would have it pretty easy to express your innermost thoughts during this lunar cycle.

If you want to take a break from the work that you have been doing, you might also find yourself with several travel opportunities down the horizon.

The Full Moon on the 20th of October will have different impacts on the six zodiac signs mentioned above. Nevertheless, one must tread carefully to fully utilize the energy that this lunation will provide to them.

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