Partial Solar Eclipse, January 2019: Powerful Seductive Energies

by Conscious Reminder

On 5th January 2019, the New Moon would be associated with a Solar Eclipse falling at 15º Capricorn. The path of the eclipse, albeit being partial, would be seen over North East Asia.

Since it is with sextile Neptune, it would involve being romantic too. Due to its connotations with tarot cards, we can safely assume that this Solar Eclipse would be good for the creative minds.

Capricorn Decan 2

This Solar Eclipse would take place in Capricorn Decan 2, which can be quite a difficult placement, for such a sensitive and finicky body. One shouldn’t expect domestic comforts with reference to the seeds of New Moon, and rather should expect growth in a sparse environment.

The land being dry, it would need a lot of hard work. And this doesn’t just refer to simple agriculture. It symbolizes our life, where we need to have an organizational structure, or we wouldn’t be met with the best results.

Due to the harsh nature of this moon, it would get really tough for someone to be empathetic towards someone else who could be far behind in the road of progress. The approach should be to look out for themselves.

There are several more riddles that this solar eclipse brings. One of them is seduction. Due to the nature of this eclipse, flattery would be a strong weapon used by anyone who would love to climb the ladder and reach the top. It is also thought that your prosperity would have a lot of fair weather friends.

We might, at some point be able to understand what is going on, but due to the Moon sextile Neptune, it would be impossible for us to react, for we would be really compassionate towards anyone who would be flattering us. Although, there are some good points too. For architecture, it is the best time. Go out and build something. Capricorns love that.

The Significance of a Solar Eclipse

Why is there a need for a solar eclipse? Well, a solar eclipse is nothing but a charged up New Moon. Now, New Moons are the best places to start things afresh, and put things really into perspective.

But, a solar eclipse helps in speeding things up a lot. We are suddenly overcome with the feeling of too much power, and we rely on our instincts to work. There is a lot of intuition and instinct at play, and this is because the eclipse blocks out our left brain, letting our right brain fight the battles.

Solar Eclipse hints at a reboot. It shocks us into realizing where we stand in our life. Due to the waves of energy torpedoing through us, it is essential that we realize our centre, which is brought forth by the balance between the left and the right brain.

Now, with one side of the brain not functioning, it would highlight every action taken, every decision made, and every consequence felt, in order for the body to understand where it needs to improve, and where a homeostasis, a balance is needed.

Sextiling Neptune

Not just the moon, but the Sun would be sextiling Neptune too. The result would be multi-faceted, for apart from being simply fabulous and illuminating, the childish nature of Neptune could put it on a precipice to danger.

As is mentioned in the charts, this duo could bring in something that was purely imaginative and surreal. Although it would bring out the many faces of Neptune, their energies would struggle against each other, both being unformed.

This would affect our love life, and give it some much needed excitement, albeit we may have the tendency to start worshipping our lover at times.

The moon sextile Neptune would go way deeper than just a romance with another human. This insurmountable passion would be better put to place if one decided to use it for the arts, the crafts, and other humanistic approaches.

This love and devotion would be useful if utilized for the betterment of society, and the people who live in it. There would be a desire to change the world for utopia, and this would fit like a jigsaw piece when you put in the motherly nature of the moon with it.

This moon is perfect for immersing in the creative side of your mind. Although it applies perfectly for love, how many of us have lived for others? Try.

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