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Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Compatible In Bed

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Our zodiac signs affect many things about our lives, including our sexuality. Some signs are more compatible with each other than others.

For each sign, there will be a sign that is irresistible, a sign that makes an overall good partner, and two signs that generate sexual tension.


Aries is the warrior, and Aries natives are bold and have a zest for life. They love a good fight and tend to treat all aspects of a relationship as a battle. Aries finds strength attractive, and they will often test a potential partner in some way. If you can best an Aries in some way, it will ignite their passion. Read here on How to Get an Aries Man to Chase You.

  • Sign that is irresistible – Leo
  • Best partner overall – Libra
  • Signs that generate sexual tension – Cancer and Capricorn


Taurus is quiet and sensual. They may seem placid, but they enjoy all of the pleasures of life, including physical intimacy. Taurus is not one to enjoy variety, and they will tend to want to do the same things over and over. They like good food, comfortable surroundings, and good sex.

  • Sign that is irresistible – Virgo
  • Best partner overall – Scorpio
  • Signs that generate sexual tension – Leo and Aquarius


Gemini loves variety and wants to experience everything! They date often and usually have many relationships. Of all signs, Gemini has the hardest time making and keeping commitments. They are allergic to boredom, and it is a rare partner that can hold Gemini’s attention for very long. In bed, Gemini is playful and inventive.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Libra
  • Best partner overall: Sagittarius
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Virgo and Pisces


Cancer is tender and emotional. They want to care for a partner and will look after the partner’s needs before their own. Watch out, though! Cancer has a formidable temper, and if cornered, they will crawl into their shell and attack with their claws. They need a partner to provide safety and security. They need a lot of reassurance, but they are also generous at giving it.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Scorpio
  • Best partner overall: Taurus
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Aries and Libra


Leo is flamboyant and larger than life. Leo is the sign of royalty, and Leo usually behaves as such in their social sphere. They like drama in every area of their lives and the bedroom is no exception. They are playful and have a good sense of humor. Leo likes to be generous with a partner and will often shower them with lavish gifts.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Sagittarius
  • Best partner overall: Aquarius
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Taurus and Scorpio


Virgo has a serious demeanor and pays attention to details that no one notices. They tend to be a bit fussy and can be quite critical of a partner. Although they have a reputation for being inhibited, Virgo is an Earth sign, and like all Earth signs, can be quite sensual. Virgo likes to be useful, so they will often help a partner in practical ways.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Capricorn
  • Best partner overall: Pisces
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Gemini and Sagittarius


Libra is gracious and polite. They value courtesy and manners above all else. For a Libra, there is a right way to go about courting and romance, and they take these things very seriously. Although Libra is hesitant to share their thoughts and opinions for fear of generating conflict, they are usually quite intelligent and value their partner’s mind. They are often surprisingly unconventional in the bedroom.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Aquarius
  • Best partner overall: Aries
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Cancer and Capricorn


Scorpio is deep and mysterious. They have the reputation as the sexy sign, but in reality, they often hold off on physical intimacy until they are in a long term commitment. Scorpio forms deep bonds with a partner, and sexuality tends to cement these bonds. They generally mate for life and are faithful and passionate partners.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Pisces
  • Best partner overall: Taurus
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Leo and Aquarius


Sagittarius is fun-loving and adventurous. They value their freedom and often avoid settling down. They have a good sense of humor and are optimistic. They do have a bad habit of pontificating, sometimes at the most inappropriate times. They like to experiment and try new things in the bedroom as in every other area of their life.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Aries
  • Best partner overall: Gemini
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Virgo and Pisces


Capricorn is serious and a hard worker. This sign often does not take time for pleasurable pursuits. When they do, they can be as sensual as any of the other Earth signs. Capricorn will rarely marry for love alone, and they will be conscious of any social repercussions of their relationships. Capricorn natives show their love by giving practical aid and assistance.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Taurus
  • Best partner overall: Cancer
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Aries and Capricorn


Aquarius is unconventional and somewhat stubborn. This sign is very cerebral and has a tendency to be detached. This can sometimes put a damper on Aquarius’ romantic liaisons, as they sometimes treat them as almost an anthropological study. Aquarius will have no attraction to anyone who does not stimulate them intellectually. It may take a long time for Aquarius to enter into a relationship, but when they do they are faithful and steady partners.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Gemini
  • Best partner overall: Leo
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Taurus and Scorpio


Pisces is sweet and ethereal. Pisces can be a gentle and sensitive partner. They also have a vivid imagination, which they will bring to the bedroom. Pisces is receptive to a partner and will want to please them, sometimes sacrificing their own needs. Most Pisces are at least a little psychic, so they can be almost uncanny in their ability to anticipate a partner’s wants and needs.

  • Sign that is irresistible: Cancer
  • Best partner overall: Virgo
  • Signs that generate sexual tension: Gemini and Sagittarius

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