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Sounds Odd, But The Struggles Your Twin Flame Is Going Through, Are Actually Helping You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Every one who found their twin counterpart has eventually gone through the stage of judging and blaming our twin flame for doing something inappropriate. Sometimes, what we can so obviously see is probably not going to be seen by them.

Despite everything, they will have to feel in that way for us sometimes. There are a lot of people at this moment who are stuck in pain, frustration, confusion and also bitterness. Every one of us goes through that because it is a stage.

Being souls, we actually choose to be reborn into a human body on this planet so that we could grow through our ego. Sure, the tool for growing is ego. Every one of us is here in the world to grow. Sometimes, growth can be painful.

It shatters perceptions and patterns from previously, which are about what we believe is the truth, and what love. So, pain is said to be love. If pain does not exist, we will not be able to grow, as well as learn and also see some ways of loving ourselves more.

Sometimes, we can see how our twin flames go in circles, run from reality, date other women, drink or take some drugs, and even move to another country, doing everything possible in order not to face themselves. Usually, we will think why someone does that when he or she can be very happy if they simply accept themselves, as well as their truth. However, we forget the difficulty it carries within.

Every one of us went through marvelous growth. For example, we should take a look at our past when we were younger. Did we come to the phase of awakening at which we are now by simply clicking our fingers? Or it was a slow, as well as long process through which we learned a lot more, usually through our mistakes.

Looking back, we will realize that we were entirely blind at those times. Also, we will see that the process was an intended one. So, mistakes are not mistakes at all, but each of them leads to that destination of reality. Also, they are not a gift from the Universe which will help us in seeing that we have not loved ourselves.

And, at the moment, our ‘runner’ twin flames are supposed to go through the phase of karma, lessons, as well as awakening. It will not be that pretty. In different cases, it will be harder for them actually to feel like they are stuck in darkness, desperately and strongly trying to discover the way out, without knowing what they should do or where they should go, and even what and how they should feel.

We would like our twin flames to pass through this in order to grow just like they should. We should not fight, or also try to mother them, as well as tell them every answer – that is not going to work.

Why would we like our twin flames to pass through such difficulties? Why we would like our twin flames to be somewhere when they are not prepared to actually unite with us. Well, that will help them grow, as well as love themselves or love us more.

Our twin flames also help us to love ourselves more as they are us. Everything that our twin flames learn, heal or grow from is also going to benefit us because you are one.

Also, it can seem like our Universe is cruel, as well as unfair as we want every single thing to be perfect at the moment, but our Universe always knows what it does. It actually loves us through just giving us our higher good.

We are not supposed to rush in a union when we will have a better chance which waited for us for a more extended period, and which will make a more powerful union.

We have to think of that, as it all happens to us. Our Universe does not trick us or neglects us or even say we are not that good. It is just assisting us to step into the love as more as we can.

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