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8 Signs You Definitely Posses Psychic Abilities

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You may be wondering how your intuitive guesses are a hit every time. It may be your extrasensory perception a.k.a. your psychic awakening that is helping you amass information which is mostly invisible to others.

1. Visual voyance

You may sense tingling sensations in your third eye area, which connotes to you being able to tap into inner meanings of images and messages.

2. Strong crown chakra

You might also feel heightened sensations in your crown area. This is a direct liaison between the spirit world and your chakra. Keeping an open mind will help in receiving information from the spirit guides.

3. Supernatural awareness

Your senses being heightened, you can feel the presence of other presences, of angels. If you ask whether their presence is harmful or benign, you might get answers dropped in your head through telepathy.

4. Protection against negativity

You will feel the urge to protect yourself from all the negativity by engulfing yourself in a positive bubble. The more you practice yourself engulfing in a bubble, the easier it will be to get connected with higher powers.

5. You’re an empath

You can feel other people’s emotions, pain and feelings. If ever this happens, thanking them in your inner mind, you can ask your spirit angel to mitigate those.

6. Lucid dreamer

Your dreams are extraordinarily detailed and vivid. You should keep a diary handy beside your bed and write down what you remember. Later you can try interpreting the meaning of your dreams.

7. Fortune teller

You have premonitions about events and occurrences, before they actually take place. You can harness this power by predicting who is calling you as soon as your phone rings.

8. Energy lure

You get drawn to people with the same spiritual energy. You have a more meaningful conversation with them. They also help you in unraveling things that do not make sense to you, thus enriching your psychic experiences.

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