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Tonight’s Full Moon In Aquarius Warns Of Emotional Thunderstorms

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by Conscious Reminder

Everyone can attest that times have been rough. It’s not just the pandemic; it’s even the political situation. Each one of us has been cooped up inside our homes.

For those of us who are involved in essential services, we have been risking our lives. Many of us might think that things don’t look so hopeful.

Well, we are here to tell you that change is in the air. This 3rd August, the Full Moon in Aquarius will grace the night skies.

What Do Full Moons Represent?

Full Moons are usually representative of change and transformation. It’s when the Lunar orb is at its most powerful. And so, they symbolize the culmination of things in our lives.

It could be a personal project we might have taken up, or it could be something in our professional life. This change is also linked to our social and political lives. We should expect revelations that will lead us to a greater good.

What Does The 3rd August Aquarius Full Moon Mean?

First, let’s begin with the zodiac Aquarius. An Aquarius is highly intelligent, objective, and pragmatic. They possess great abilities to detach themselves from grimy situations and look at it from a different perspective. They are also extremely good at handling crises.

That’s why the zodiac Aquarius and the Full Moon go so well together. Full Moons bring in revelations, culminations, and clarity. With the qualities Aquarius possesses, we will be inspired to solve any murky situation.

What Are The Celestial Bodies Active During This Lunar Event?

Uranus will be square to the Sun and the Moon. The celestial body is known for being unpredictable and radical. Since it will rule the zodiac Aquarius during the 3rd August Lunar event, the powers will be even more potent. We will be inspired to take radical measures for the good of the entire world.

The Full Moon will bring greater clarity. Expect epiphanies and transformation.

Another planet that will be active during this Aquarius Full Moon is the warrior, Mars. Mars is communicating with Jupiter, who is currently in Capricorn. The two of them represent determination and action.

We will be encouraged to be active and solve any crisis. The 3rd of August is a great time to reflect and act. Be it a social cause or fighting our inner demons, the Universe will guide us through any situation.

The square between Mars and Jupiter will amplify all of our actions. So, whatever action we take will have double its effect. Remember to keep your calm before taking any decisions. Think, reflect, and then act.

Jupiter is in a sextile to Neptune. This divine formation brings about kindness and compassion in us.

Venus is slowly nearing her end in the zodiac Gemini. She will inspire us to think about our collective future. The injunction of Venus and Saturn will encourage us to make adjustments. While we need to stand our ground and be firm, it is also necessary for us to be considerate. Since Saturn traditionally rules Aquarius, his compassionate energies will also inspire us.

This 3rd August Aquarius Full Moon is a time for change and transformation. Get in touch with your inner self and let the Cosmic energies guide you.

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