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Weekly Horoscope May 6th – 12th: What The Ongoing Week Has In Store For The Zodiacs

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by Conscious Reminder

Being free, standing your ground and finding pleasure – what else could we ask for? Here is the weekly horoscope for each sign of the Zodiac:


This week, the people born under Taurus will have many fresh and surprising ideas – they can surprise themselves during the unhinged and newfound adventurous era. They should employ their fears and hopes to achieve a sense of humility and optimism.


This week, Gemini’s intuition will peak, but they have to remind themselves of their bias and perspective – maybe their understanding of their situation is often distorted by their worst fears. Their friendships and romantic relationships are the sources of support and inspiration on rainy days.


Towards this week’s end, the people born under Cancer would love to feel encouraged and supported in their relationships. They crave stability, or they are going to settle for what they think they deserve. They are always in the mood to party, and go out, despite what happens in their love.


During the middle of the week, Leos will receive exciting news related to their job, as some things will turn unexpectedly. They should also let their passions do their job, as they will follow their heart and even have much fun when the week is about to end.


During this week, Virgos will take the needed steps in order to improve their approach to some shared possessions. They will also learn some impressive lessons, and metaphysical and material support from their partners will inspire personal growth.


The people born under this sign have to be conscious of the many differences between their problems and the problems of others. Their past experiences and responsibilities are not apparent to others. The Libras will have huge space and optimism for their relationships.


This week, Scorpios should make some time for themselves, as they make space in their schedule for their needs. When in committed relationships, they know its time to talk about the creation of some freedom and space for them to operate independently.


Sagittarians should be happy because they have friends and lovers who support them all the time. In the middle of this week, they should try some unconventional approaches to their heart and welcome entirely new ideas. Also, the week’s end will be invigorating and gorgeous on a romantic and creative level.


Although Capricorns have busy lives, they should practice self-love during this week. The time which they are going to spend on working on their physical health or personal lives may only make them more productive, especially at work. They should trust that everything will be OK.


Aquarians will try to make some sense of the strangest ideas, and they have natural talents for this. They can rationalize specific things that were never rationalized before. They should respect their inner crazy scientist. On Saturday, their grounding and inner peace will be supported.


This week, Pisceans may be reminded that they have higher desires and hopes for humankind than what others can deliver; however, that is OK. They don’t let the rain on their parade, and their mind’s creative power is something beautiful to behold. When they understand their capacities, their self-esteem will be boosted.


Some unexpected news about the finances of the people born under Aries will appear this week. Regardless of what their lives throw at them during this week, they always have their hopes high for their future, together with generous optimism which will provide comfort and forgiveness rather than overbearing demands coming from some authority figures present in their lives.

Hope you will enjoy this week!

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