If You’re Annoyed By Others Chewing, You May Be A Genius

There was a girl in some of my middle school classes that hated, I mean HATED, the sound of people chewing.

Within just a few weeks of class together, I knew to never chew gum (or anything else) near her desk.

The one time I did I was met with an ear-shattering: “STOP CHEWING!”

As mean as middler schoolers can be, for the most part, everyone was pretty nice to her about it.

Well, aside from a couple 8th grade a-holes that loved to push her buttons.

I couldn’t tell you her grades or intellectual score, but looking back I can now only assume she was a genius and here’s why…

20% of people have a condition known as Misophonia, which makes you highly attentive to certain noises–like people chewing, slurping, etc.

This makes you irritable when you hear certain sounds that the remaining 80% of the world apparently doesn’t even notice.

But… there’s no need to be ashamed of Misophonia.

According to researchers from Northwestern University, people diagnosed with Misophonia are more likely to be a creative genius than their peers that aren’t fazed by chewing and slurping.

So keep hating on the rude chompers, slurpers and loud chewers of the world, you’re smarter than they are anyways!

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