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7 Powerful Crystals For Attracting Money And Wealth

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by Conscious Reminder

Just like humans, crystals are of different kinds and each kind serves different purpose.

Each crystal emits a specific kind of energy. These crystals can be used for many purposes like healing, magic, spell casting, inspire, uplift, positivity, and even for financial reasons.

Yes you heard it right. Crystals can determine and influence your financial conditions. Out of all the beautiful crystals present in the world, seven of them are specifically meant for money. To know what these crystals are, continue reading!

1. Peridot crystals

Peridot crystals have a signature lime green color and are believed to instil power and influence in the wearer. It shares a connection with the Sun therefore making the wearer a leader who keeps himself and you on the sunny side.  It increases outcome thus helping in increasing wealth in turn.

2. Tiger’s eye

It is the most powerful in the world of gem stones. It eliminates all the negative energies from your mind and helps you focus on better things in life. It is mostly used to eliminate fear and anxiety. It helps you in transformation, even in money matters.

3. Malachite

This is a beautiful deep green color stone having an influence on the chakras of your body. This thus helps in gaining peace and also in making better financial decisions.

4. Jade

This crystal has healing properties. It helps you eliminate all the boundaries you had imposed on yourself and also gives you the courage to take risks and learn more. For many years it has been used as a crystal of luck.

5. Citrine

It is a bright crystal and is responsible for bringing positivity and joy. It also brings success and financial enhancement. It not only brings joy and financial stability, but it also brings moral and mental uplift.

6. Ruby

This crystal stimulates the base chakra and increases vitality throughout ones’ body and mind. It is a very popular crystal amongst businessmen and gamblers due to its luck attracting properties.

7. Green Aventurine

This stone is green in colour and is known for bringing second chances. This acts as a very important aspect in regaining the lost money.

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