Empaths, Intuitives, Psychics, Mediums & Healers: These Are The Differences

Which are the differences between intuitive, psychic, medium, empath, and healer? There are a lot of definitions about these five concepts, but they became confused and interchanged.

Here, you will have the ability to review them, read their explanations and clarify them in your mind, so you may connect to the appropriate reader for you and receive the best of your session too.


Intuition is said to be a right brain process which comes to information in our subconscious so that it provides advice and guidance for our everyday lives. When a person is considered intuitive, he or she has the ability to understand the information of his or her subconscious and receive directions and guidance about their everyday lives. Usually, intuition may be utilized to obtain the guidance for their personal lives, which is called personal intuition, or also to help others, called professional intuition. However, intuitive people are not psychic. To be intuitive means to receive guidance in order to make high-quality decisions in life, and also help others by guiding them in their decisions and lives.


When a person is said to be psychic or also called clairvoyant, it means that he or she has the capacity to perceive and identify information which other ordinary people cannot perceive or identify with their normal senses. This is called Extra Sensory Perception or ESP. Such predictions may include talking to unreal or non-physical being, such as spirits and dead people, predicting their future, or having the ability to sense those people or objects that are missing. Psychic people have the ability to sense information which others cannot often access.


Mediums are psychics that have their extrasensory perceptions fine-tuned and have the ability to interface with spirits in different dimensions. These people have the ability to hear or feel thoughts, mental impressions or voices which come from the world of spirits. They can also become entirely open to the highest energies or frequencies on which the spirit people are vibrating.


Empaths are people that feel the emotions of others as their own. For instance, when a person around them is angry, they may start feeling angry too, despite the fact that apparent and direct reasons for them to feel that way do not exist. Observing the emotional state of another person will activate some parts of their neuronal network which is involved in the processing of the same state in a person, no matter if it is touch, disgust or also a pain. An empath is able to scan the energy of other people for feelings, thoughts, and even for past, future or present life happenings.


Healers are people that are able to ‘see’ a person as a whole greater than the sum of that person’s parts. Their responsibility is to aid others remove some blocks which interrupt their growth. Now, the fact that human beings are electromagnetic is well accepted. Every illness appears as a result of the decreasing of our body frequencies under the necessary level for maintaining homeostasis. However, with raising those frequencies, as well as aligning the different bodies, every field will come into coherence. So, that is what health means.

Energy healing was here for a long time, and it is probably one of the most ancient techniques of healing which people may use in order to keep their bodies in a healthy and balanced state.

People in ancient times have been conscious of the physical and psychological effects they experience from their thoughts or other individuals, and also from untouchable forces coming from ‘the outer world.’ Such spiritual, psychological, and even physical realms are included in the alternative energy healing.

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