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What Is Your Personal Power Symbols

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The world around us is full of mysteries.
Thus, it is important to understand the basic signs and symbols to uncover the true meaning of the life.

Here in this article we’ll discuss about how you can uncover your personal Power symbols:

Step 1

You start by relaxing your body and closing your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

Focus on inhaling and exhaling. Visualize that with each inhale you are taking in positive energy and with each exhale you are giving our negative energy.

Now imagine that you are standing before a doorway.

Step 2

When you are ready, step inside the doorway.

The room which you have just entered is filled with your thoughts, feelings and images.

Look carefully at the place; see how it is decorated and other such minute details.

Step 3

In the far corner of the room, you’ll see a box with keys. Take your time and open the box.

The box contains the things that are impending but you might not see anything at first but the image can come to you in a dream or as a flash of inspiration.

Step 4

Slowly, when you are ready, close the box and step back.

Take a few deep breaths and leave the room through the same doorway.

Open your eyes and take a few minutes to relax and stretch your body.

Think of the sign that you saw in the box and try to make a link with something meaningful in your life.

Make sure you draw the symbol later on a piece of paper.

Other ways to find the symbol:

♦Through tarot cards.

♦Art galleries.

♦A trip to the countryside

The signs and symbols play a very important role in your life thus you should take time to find out your own power symbol.

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