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What’s The Purpose Of Angels’ Existence

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Even though a lot of people are not aware of the unbelievable help which is available for every one of them, they do have benevolent and great forces of music and light surrounding their changing planet.

Those kind and loving beings are not others than the twelve Archangels. They are peoples’ wise and protective instructors that teach them that their souls are traveling from different corners of this Universe, in order to come and also learn that just love is something real and that their fears are just an illusion.

Angels encourage people to tell their desires, regardless of the fact if they are big or small.

Despite all this, what are the other reasons for the existence of angels?

They help humanity

In fact, when people come from ego, they are not aware that they harbor some hidden fears, so that they are afraid to ask their Creator to bestow them with abundance. So, right then, angels appear in order to help humankind.

When infusing their prayers with some angelic love, their voices are amplified, and they are heard, clear and loud, by their divine parents. So, the angles know that God is the only source which may fulfill people.

Honoring their roots with the angelic lessons

The purpose of angelic existence in people’s lives is to teach them to honor their roots, where they come from or what they are actually made of.

Every person comes from the so-called Central Sun, or also the Soul of the Universe, which is the sacred birth chamber for every soul. This Central Sun was said to be heaven’s heart, a place full of pure and unconditional love.

Angels’ music

Angelic music is the one who holds our planet, and every inhabitant inside of the Light of the Creator. The music they play is fantastic and deep.

The sound of their singing, which is inaudible to a lot of people, works profoundly on their cells to open them for receiving the healing and love of this Central Sun.

The angels surround people; they sing to them, subtly nudge them to open their minds, while at the same time they plant their suggestions to ask the Creator to fulfill their needs.

Angels are never too far from God’s heart

The twelve Archangels designed people’s curriculum in order to guarantee people’s success. Regardless of how frequently they fall back into their fear and also forget where they come from, they are supported by their angels as they are climbing back in the Music and Light of the Divine Love.

Angels are here in order to help people find their way to the abundance and grace of heaven, and people are able to do that at the moment.

Here is the healing exercise which comes from our twelve Archangels:

First of all, we should take a deep and long breath. We should see ourselves somewhere at the cavern’s deep and also dark bottom. They we should say the statement: “I AM calling on my Angel to help me climb up and out into the Light of Grace.”

We should hold the angel’s hand, and together with it, climb a ladder which will appear before us. We should not feel afraid as our angel is going to make sure that we are successful in the climbing out of our fear.

We should then step in the Central Sun Light, feeling all the joy of our Divine Love filling our being. We should also listen with our heart the angels’ music, and permit God’s sound to fill us with healing. We should watch what will happen tomorrow and be thankful for everything.

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