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January Brings Powerful Astrological Events For A Strong Start Of 2019

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by Conscious Reminder

While we are moving into 2019, there will be a lot of energies coming our way.  2018 was pretty rough, if not brutal, for most of us, but don’t let your guard down just yet, as the new one will really catch us by surprise. 

There will actually be different events happening in celestial bodies’ world, so, if until now you did not have the chance to take a look ahead you may have the best chance now because everything will start shifting.

Here, we are going to present you some of the major happenings and energies which those happenings or events are going to bring only in January. The entire 2019 will be a ride on a bumpy road, and its beginning will already be even more intense and powerful than you can imagine.

The Quadrantids meteor shower.

In fact, this meteor shower is going to be the major one of 2019, and it is going to happen on January 3rd, during night time. If you are not familiar with meteor showers, they are actually exceptional because of their energies. In fact, they are the representation of energies of different worlds which are not ours and also remind us that we are very small in this huge scheme of things.

Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse 

The partial solar eclipse is going to happen on the 5th or 6th of January, depending on your living place, and it is going to be magical. The energies that this eclipse will bring are going to lead every one of us to success and will also bring serious energies. While people may struggle to better focus with all those energies of Capricorn that work together with the ones of the partial solar eclipse, patience and drive are going to be plentiful in their lives too.

Full Super Blood Moon In Leo

This Full Moon, happening on the 21st of January, will be a blood moon, as well as a supermoon because there is also going to be a total lunar eclipse happening on that same day.

The event of this time is going to bring significant changes and will also offer some opportunities to people which otherwise they will not have the ability to find. Under the influence of these energies, people are going to face some severe levels of uncertainty. They may also see themselves struggling with some things like acceptance and self-control.

The conjunction of the planet Jupiter with the planet Venus.

Right after the Blood Moon, on January 22nd, there is going to be visible conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter. This is going to bring out people’s bright side. Whether a person is busy or struggles to find a job or something else to do, he or she is going to feel satisfied, despite everything. During this period, give your best and try to be there on a more profound level for those that are closest to you.

Although not every event from above is going to be intense, as well as frustrating as several of them probably will, some of them are going to be prominent in people’s lives.

The new year will definitely be a crazy one, so starting off things positively will be quite important. Do your best during January and try harder when it comes to the things which are going to happen at this time.

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