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A New 2-Year Cycle Begins: Mars Cazimi in Scorpio Will Be Sizzling Hot

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by Conscious Reminder

Buckle up, bless up and read on to learn more.

Astrologers warn that the Mars Cazimi in November could send sparks flying in all directions.

On November 17, 2023, a blinding Mars cazimi will set the sky on fire, allowing you to unleash the rage that has been building beneath the surface.

The last six months have been a horoscope’s worst nightmare. From the end of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle, which began a cycle of movement, transformation, and deconstruction in the areas of life where you felt most secure, to the end of the Venus retrograde, which killed summer’s chill vibes. Take some time as Mars approaches its cazimi to reflect on what you’ve learned in the last two years about safety, security, and comfort. When Mars’ frustration and aggression align with the sun’s pride and strength, especially in Scorpio’s determined and driven energy, you are given permission to fight for your desires and cement your position of power. You’ve felt increasingly powerless and defeated by the path fate has chosen for you over the last two years. It is now time to let go of your fear.

What is a Mars Cazimi in Astrology?

A cazimi occurs when the sun and another planet align to form a conjunction within one degree. When a planet gets too close to the sun, it is said to “combust” or be damaged by the sun’s blinding rays. Planets are at risk of exploding when they collide with the sun. However, it is believed that when a planet gets close enough to the sun to sit cazimi, or “in the heart” of the Sun, the energy of the planets involved is amplified. A Mars cazimi occurs when the sun and Mars align in the night sky. Mars will align with the sun on November 17, 2023, transforming your rage and anger into a powerful tool for change. Unlike other cazimi cycles, which occur every few months, the stars only align once every two years for a Mars cazimi. Consider this cazimi to be the beginning of a new adventure and your opportunity to begin a new chapter in your life.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Mars Cazimi

A cazimi in astrology infuses the energy of both planets involved to help them perform optimally. Various aspects of your life will be influenced and subject to change during a cazimi period, depending on which planets are in play. Mars represents action, energy, motivation, determination, and rage. So, when this tenacious firecracker connects with the brightest star in our solar system, you can’t ignore the message the stars send you. A cazimi has a significant impact on your confidence, identity, and self-perception because the sun is always a part of this alignment. This transit provides an excellent opportunity to transform your frustration, pain, and grief into a source of light and strength. Although it may cause an existential crisis, the news is not all bad. If you can push through the discomfort and pain, you will emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient than when you started.

What Can We Expect from Mars Cazimi in Scorpio?

Mars cazimi in Scorpio occurs just a few days after the new moon in Scorpio on November 17, 2023. This lunacy brought about shocking changes and revelations, some of which were less than welcome. With the sun (ego) and Mars (passion) aligning now, you are symbolically shedding your old self and leaving behind any emotional scars from your past. Prepare for unexpected changes that may finally push you to your breaking point. This cazimi marks the end of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle, which sent you into a tailspin regarding your financial and emotional security. After surviving the wrath of the eclipses, this cazimi provides an opportunity to rightfully wield your rage. During this transit, the moon’s influence may elicit unpleasant emotions that contradict your usual approach to business. But, as the planets continue to align in perfect harmony, it’s clear that you can’t go on without first dealing with what’s been revealed once and for all.

Get up, get out, get after it.

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