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Your Personal Year Number For 2019, According To Numerology

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by Conscious Reminder

2019 is a year of optimism, creativity, self expression. The year number for 2019 is 3, for those who don’t know. Three is a very social number, provided that we allow ourselves be carried by this understanding.

Now is always the best time to act, and have you not checked your personal year number, you should do that right now. The personal year number can uncover what new times have in store for us, and how the changes in energies each year bring can affect us. Accordingly, knowing your personal year number, what that means for you, might serve as a way to steer your boat right, in times to come.

For calculations follow the next steps:

Add your month number, day number, and the universal year number you are encountering.

2019 is in fact 2+0+1+9 which comes down to 12. Further more 12 comes down to 1+2, and that is 3.

Then, add the number of your birth month, and the number of the day you were born.

For instance, were you born on 29th of March, the math would be the following: (2+9)+3+3.

The end result being 8.

This said, number 8 is your personal year number for this year. Your personal year number is always a single digit, unless you get 11 or 22, which is very rare and it can be looked at from an outside source.
These are associations with the following personal year number.

# 1

Having 1 as your personal year number, one might most likely be going to face a ton of new things this year. The beginning of new projects, and further overcoming a lot other. All as a result of your hard work for a long time, which comes as an improvement to your current situation.

# 2

Having 2 as your personal year number, one might be finding inner strength, and avoiding confrontation. Moving forward in different kind of ways, and working on strengthening ongoing relationships. One might be finally getting the credit that you have long deserved.

# 3

Having 3 as your personal year number, one might be really getting double the “3” energies. Getting a lot more creative than the usual, and really thinking outside the box, in all kind of ways. In the year ahead, one will be going to figure out who they trully are, and working on their true vibration in accordance with the world around them.

# 4

Having 4 as your personal year number, one might find themselves having deeper connection with their own roots, and being more dedicated to hard work than usual. For the time being, you might be more down to Earth than usual, that being both bad and good at the same time. Getting yourself at life’s crossroads, and giving your best to hard work.

# 5

Having 5 as your personal year number, one might be really into expressing themselves more than usual. You shall be getting more of those adventure vibes, all the while experiencing more freedom at those moments. The feelings of being more content than usual, should not be strange to you at all, since that is what this personal year number represents for you.

# 6

Having 6 as your personal year number, one might become more caring and open towards the surrounding people. Becoming more involved with the people in your life, further more leads to building strong connections that will last for a lifetime.

# 7

Having 7 as your personal year number, one might be a whole lot more closed off than usual. Getting youself to be more closed off from gossip, and spending more time resonating and striving towards your dreams and future. Even though one might catch oneself reflecting a little, for the most part you will be drawn towards the unknown.

# 8

Having 8 as your personal year number, one might be focusing a lot more on balancing out their own finances and getting comfortable. Feeling tired of struggling, and so many thing that you wish for, and want…even though there are material possessions that aren’t really important, still they do matter to you and one should strive towards acquiring them.

# 9

Having 9 as your personal year number, one will be far more passionate and tolerate as this year passes by. Becoming less and less judgemental of others, while working on helping the people in your life that really need your help. One might for a moment feel a bit frustrated, but as the time passes you will realize why you are actually taking those actions.

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Derenda Sandoval January 7, 2019 - 1:47 am

I don’t understand?
I got 22
What does it mean?


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