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This Exercise Will Allow You Better Awareness And Mindfulness Of Your Emotions

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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, every one of us experiences emotional overwhelming. Creating, and maintaining our emotional state balanced can be really hard. One way in which we can de-clutter ourselves emotionally would be to create emotional mindfulness.

Emotional mindfulness is the state of understanding and sorting out our emotions. The easy exercise below, called mindfulness of emotions exercise, is going to help us discover our hidden emotions. We should analyze our emotions, and after that let those emotions go.

Here are the eight steps of mindfulness of emotions exercise:


This particular exercise would be meditation. We need to find some quiet place, a place where no one will disturb us. Also, we have to ensure to leave our phone in some other room, so that no one is going to interrupt our meditation. We will need several minutes of silence and loneliness.


Now, it will be time to better focus on our breath. We should take deep and slow breaths. We should breathe through our belly. We should also notice every single muscle on our abdomen and also in our chest, while it diminishes and expands with each inhaling and exhaling.


After that, we have to try to identify the emotion. We should analyze it in order to see whether that feeling is a positive or negative one. It would usually be a negative one. We probably feel lonely, sad, hopeless, anxious, worries, or something different than these. We should identify the feeling.

Take in

When we finished analyzing the feeling, we should take that feeling in. We should stop thinking that it is a strange feeling, as it is ours. Hence, we should accept it as it is an entirely natural emotional response.

Dig deeper

After that, we should start identifying the feeling’s roots. We need to identify its source. We should also investigate when the feeling appears. When we know the origins of the feeling, it will be easier for us to understand that feeling. It will also be easier to let that feeling finally go.

Pay more attention to our body

When we finally identified the emotion, together with its root, we should see the effects it has on us.

Hence, we should analyze our body, and analyze how our body transforms as a result of this feeling. We should also notice what thoughts it provoked. We shouldn’t judge the feeling or our thoughts but simply notice them.

Let the feeling go

When we finally acknowledge the feeling, we will have the ability to release it. We are already aware of everything that provoked the feeling. We also know that that feeling is part of us. Hence, right now, we can let it go.

In the end, if we want, we can stop right here, and we can continue with the exercise later, or some other day.

However, if we feel strong enough, we may continue with some other feeling which appears. This exercise isn’t an everyday meditation.

We need to practice the exercise every time when we feel there is an intense feeling inside us. In this way, we are going to maintain an excellent emotional balance.

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