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Kundalini Awakening: Recognize The Symptoms And Side Effects

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What is a Kundalini? What’s its origin and the meaning behind it.

Dharma tells us that the kundalini is the term used to refer to a spot on our bodies which is at the end of the spine. From this spot is where the Kundalini emerges and activates all the chakra networks, allowing a person to rise till they reach the Sahasrara.

If this is achieved, then the person will feel euphoric, in an almost other-worldly way. It might sound weird when put into words but many have experienced and tried to explain this occurrence.

By awakening the Kundalini, we forge a link to our own destiny. It is a name of the Durga, a female deity who represents the rousing of divine energy in Shaktism.

Where there is life, the Kundalini exists even if the creature cannot sense her. While all of us can rouse her, it is better to do so only when there is an expert with you because it is not an easy process.

How to awaken Kundalini

You can do this knowingly or unknowingly but you can’t do something as simple as a small meditation and expect her to awaken. This is something you will experience when an incident changes your whole life.

You must enter into a very deep meditation in order to feel her awakening and climbing from the end of the spine to the highest point on your head. Her movement will rouse all the sleeping chakra within you.

Symptoms or side effects of Kundalini awakening

No other experience will compare to this one and while it might be difficult to believe, even medical records attest to this. Many choose yoga as a means to achieve this but there is no once correct method. There are also many side effects that might be difficult.

Ill-side effects of Kundalini awakening

There are a great range of side-effects. You might feel lightheaded, unfeeling, increased or decreased libido, electricity cracking in your flesh, shivers, euphoria, lack of appetite and more. The energies in the chakra of each person are different so the experience will also vary.

Precautionary measures

No matter what you think it is, go to a doctor if you sense that something is not right, physically or mentally. Not all feelings are an effect of the awakening even if you feel it is the right time. The awakening itself is a long-drawn out process that could take months.

In the end, it is a rousing of all the energies that sleep within your body. They will make their presence known as they awake and this might make you feel happy but there is more to it than that. This is the sensation of you tying yourself to your fate

There will be some discomfort so it is imperative to have guidance from an authoritative source and have a doctor you can call upon if you find yourself in trouble.

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