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Who Are The Blue Ray Souls?

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by Conscious Reminder

Have you heard about Blue Rays?

These beings are considered an extremely sensitive group of empathic souls such as the Indigos which origin from a lot of distinct ascended planets and even light realms, in order to enlighten humanity’s genetic code or raise the consciousness of God on Gaia.

Since they are born in families that are unhealthy and don’t function in the proper way, they accomplish their primary mission to transmute the impaired genetics, raising the code of DNA to light, because they are also inborn transformers or alchemist, possessing violet fire in their field.

Different shades of the color blue are the primary aura colors that the Blue Ray Beings have, and this blue actually ranges from darker to aqua blue, having some traces of the color violet most of the time. Because of that, a lot of Blue Rays get mistaken for the Indigos.

These beings are old souls who experience isolation and alienation, as they have psychological or emotional issues, as they don’t feel like home on this planet, and they also believe that the family they have in this world is a fake one. They can actually sense that they come from the stars.

Just like Indigos, these beings are also gifted, which means they have ultra-sensory perceptions, while a lot of them have telekinesis and telepathic abilities to communicate with and see other different realms, or even angels, nature spirits, and even extraterrestrials, which are quite reasonable for them.

The most prominent difference between Indigos and Blue Rays is that the first ones are direct and determined while speaking, while the second ones are completely opposite. A Blue Ray has difficulties during his or her whole life when it comes to speaking up and communicating. That makes them withdrawn in themselves, although they are always aware of their highest truth. Also, most of them have difficulties in acquiring knowledge and have challenges which are related to being in this world.

These being may also be walk-ins, as they are born like a Blue Ray or they also merge with the essence of a Blue Ray later in their life.

At the time of accomplishing their primary mission, which is healing the family genetics, the calling of their real soul will create a strong dynamic shift in order to awake them so that they could pursue a greater destiny, and even purpose.

Most of the time, that highest purpose includes being a potent catalyst in order to evaluate the collective awareness, in that way bringing light, love and also healing to this world.

Regardless of their sex, female or male, all of them have Shekinah’s embodiment ray, then the Holy Spirit, Sacred Divine Feminine Essence, which means that they can assist in the process of balancing the planet’s energies.

This soul group awareness of Blue rays involves Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Hatho, Keepers of the Blue Flame, Legions of the Blue Lightning Angels, Lords of the Blue Flame, the Christ Ray, Angels of the Will and God, the Christed Sophia, and also Sacred Sound.

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