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5 Reasons Why Beautiful Women Have Poor Love Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You see a beautiful woman walking down the street and the first thought that comes to mind must be, ‘Aw, her life must be amazing’.

It’s simply normal for human mind to do it, as we’ve spent thousands of years relating beauty to happiness, health, wealth and worthiness.

But you would be surprised to know that women blessed with extraordinary physical beauty are as ‘curses’ as they are blessed with it.

I think a beautiful woman needs to break her mirror early in life, and here’s why. 

1. High expectations, big disappointments 

Beautiful women usually have higher expectations of their partners. When it comes to high expectations, we do not only think about money expectations, such as: vacations and presents, but we also refer to attention and time.

In addition, if a woman spends a lot of time on her appearance, she would expect the same thing from her partner. However, if that does not happen, she will feel unhappy and disappointed.

A solution to the problems would be talking to the partner about the attention he gives you and the time you spend with him. If his physical effort and image present a problem to you, speak about it with him. This will provide him a chance to change and to strengthen your relationship.

2. Being afraid of losing their beauty

Beautiful women know that their beauty will not last forever and they think that their partners will leave them alone. Their fear of being left by their partner makes beautiful women feel upset and worried in their relationships.

Try to learn that he loves something more valuable than your beauty. You are more important than the beauty, and if your partner is aware of it, he will never leave you alone. However, if he appreciates you the way you are, you should never let him go of.

3. Dating down

Mismatched couple is IN at the moment. A lot of beautiful women believe that they should settle down, so while looking for partner, they pick up the wrong one. People have already experienced all types of relationships: school sweethearts, long distance, and long-term relationship.

When the right one comes, we see ourselves getting married. However, then the relationship ends. We suffer from heartache and we need years to recover from it.

The best think to avoid heartache is to pick a person who loves you and who will marry you. Do not worry, the right will come to you and he will be perfect for you. As soon as you find him, the heartache will disappear.

4. Way too much attention

Even though we feel loved when we receive a lot of love and attention from our partners, sometimes it may be too much. Even though women are more often clingy, men can be, too.

Beautiful women often experience this problem, which lead to an end of the relationship.
A solution to the problem may be talking to the partner about how you feel.

They may sometimes feel insecure and need that you assure that everything is all right. Your partner may take up a new hob, which he is into it, like sport, so that he will be distracted from the attention he gives you.

5. Emotional block

Beautiful women often experience a failure in their relationship, so they decide to shut themselves emotionally from a partner. However, even though they find out a new partner they may remain distracted and shut off from him.

If this continues, it may cause an end of the relationship. Even though it is hard to trust him, you have to.

Rather than looking for a handsome partner, try to find a nice one. You will be surprised by the nice partner, who will open you up and will not leave your hurt.

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