7 Easy To Notice False Twin Flame Symptoms

Every person has a twin flame; however, that kind of a soulmate relationship is definitely not the single one which he or she may experience. 

Soulmates usually serve as those who prepare other people for their real relationship with their twin flames. Usually, the relationship you had before a relationship with your twin flame is called the ‘false twin flame.’ Such a relationship is needed for your final preparation before you unite with the real twin flame. How fake twin flame relationships look like? In what it differs from the real one? 

1. A number of similarities.

A fake twin flame can be quite similar to a true one on the surface. But, the entire point of this fake twin flame actually is that he or she is indistinguishable from reality – unless you are prepared for that reality.

2. Addressing your past. 

One fundamental difference between these two actually lies in your problems of all kinds which you need to solve together. A fake twin flame is going to help you in dealing with past problems, while a real one is going to concentrate on the moving forward.

3. Teaching you to practice self-care.

In order to be prepared for the real twin flame, you have to learn to take care of your own self. Your fake twin flame is going to aid you to discover your needs or even satisfy them. Such an experience is entirely different from the real twin flame relationship. The real twin flames are going to teach you how you can help other people, as they will see that you have the ability to take care of yourself.

4. Suffering from adversity.

Fake twin flames are going to flee at the time the going becomes hard, while the real ones are going to be guided and taken by that hard going. At the time the false relationship is about to end, you are going to see the fight or flight, and it is considered the first symptom you are going to notice when the relationship is false.

5. A small distance.

When you notice how your twin flame makes you feel, you can see if he or she is the real one or not. The real twin flames are going to make you feel just like old friends do, trustworthy and comfortable. But, the false ones are going to provide you with a feeling of uncertainty, uneasiness, and anxiety. Such uneasiness will come from the fear of the judgment of false twin flames, which is not characteristic of the real ones.

6. You are sure it is not destined to happen. 

Although it has all those characteristics of a real twin flame relationship, deep inside you, you feel like it is never destined to happen and last. In a real relationship, certainty is always present, together with a feeling of something destined. But, in fake twin flame relationships, the sense of safety is always absent, and that makes you feel unfulfilled.

7. Wondering whether it is worth or not.

When you have some difficult times with your fake twin flame, you are always going to feel that he or she is not worth all that sadness and pain. You are going to have difficulties in the real relationship, but those difficulties will feel entirely different. They will feel necessary and as a chance to grow. They will not feel like obstacles.

When you are in a real twin flame relationship, you will know that everything is worth the pain.

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