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12 Telling Signs You Are Transforming Into A Hyper-Dimensional Being

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by Conscious Reminder

As the planet Earth transits from the third-dimensional reality to the hyper-dimensional reality, the bodies of people pass through the process or action of recalibration. Usually, this will give them different sensations which may feel quite uncomfortable.

As the transit is often tricky, people have to be very careful as they go towards such a challenge. They also have to be conscious of all things happening around them, particularly the manipulations and lies.

They can feel restless or confused a bit, but that is not going to last. That chance may help them improve themselves, and even evolve so to become a better person.

Therefore, they have to be conscious of all those signs which they experience on their way to become hyper-dimensional beings.

Here are the twelve signs that a person becomes a hyper-dimensional being:

1. They don’t feel appealed by synthetic foods anymore as they consider it unhealthy for their body. They also feel the necessity to feed their mind, soul, and body with the appropriate nutrition, while they feed their soul.

2. They feel pains, flu symptoms or aches constantly, just like the energy which their body takes in made those small problems to come to the surface. They have to provide their body with rest, and those problems will soon disappear.

3. Past experiences seem to be essential for them to now, and that makes them understand how things fall into their place. Such reflections will make them feel much better, although they feel aches too.

4. They seek a quieter way of existence, and they also feel like they are not able to fit in all that noise existing in this world. They feel fulfilled when they are in solitude and quietness.

5. They are attracted to healing practices such as meditation and yoga than they were before. They open themselves to a better and natural healing.

6. Their time perception slowly changes, and they become more conscious of their fluctuations. They realize that time is not that simple like it was before.

7. They don’t believe in the statements and reports of media, because such platforms are often far from reality. Before they conclude something, they first do research.

8. They start noticing political corruption or another type of corruption too. They know that they are not the sheep which is following what it has been said to.

9. Considering silence more significant for them, and they often seek people that are quiet and that have the same perspectives as theirs. They don’t like parties anymore.

10. Removing people from their life who don’t add any value to them. They don’t want to spend their time living with toxic and negative people that take all of their energy.

11. Some new and even refreshing energies overwhelm them as those energies saturate their beings. They also feel the intense energies flowing within and through them.

12. They become better balanced, and they have the feeling that they are changing and becoming a better person. With this said, they feel that they are able to do everything that is under their power and there is nothing which can stop them.

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