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Don’t Miss Tonight’s Strawberry Full Moon Lunar Eclipse & The Weird ‘Moon Illusion’

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by Conscious Reminder 

The 5th June 2020 Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse will be enormous in comparison to the other Lunar forms. Get ready to get your mind blown in a delightful way!

That being said, given the situation right now in our political and social world, it won’t be possible for people to chase the perfect spot to view this Lunar Eclipse. But don’t worry, because even though it might not be visible to you, the energies unleashed will be powerful and felt across the globe.

Furthermore, you can see the spectacular Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse online, through pictures and videos. We live in a digital world, after all!

Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse Will Appear Humongous In The Night Sky

The Full Moon will be like a strawberry in color and the size that you have never seen before. The name for this Lunar form derives from its ancient ties with Native American tribes. It indicated the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, the perfect time to harvest wild strawberries.

This Full Moon will grace us on Friday night and is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which means that it will travel through Earth’s penumbral shadow.

Where Can You See It From Exactly?

It will present itself in all its glory to people residing in Australia, Africa, and Asia. 57 percent of the Full Moon will be shadowed by Earth’s penumbra, giving rise to the Eclipse.

Unfortunately, people residing everywhere else will not be able to physically witness the Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse. However, people living in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to enjoy the Full Moon’s grand size. This Lunar form is the closest to the Summer Solstice. With the Sun high up, it will be the lowest Full Moon this year.

Solstice refers to an event when the Sun perfectly aligns itself to the northernmost or the southernmost point of Earth. It takes place bi-annually in June and December. This year’s Summer Solstice will occur on 21st June.

The Perfect Time To Witness The Majestic Full Moon

It can get weary if we keep looking at the sky to catch a perfect glimpse of the Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse. You never know, you can get distracted for a minute, and you will have missed the peak of the Full Moon’s beauty. Well, we are here for your rescue.

The perfect time to witness the Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse is to catch it at its Moonrise or during Moonset. The Lunar orb will appear delicate, yet majestic. All the different hues of yellow, pink, and orange will mix up to give us the perfect strawberry effect. We can enjoy the full beauty of this celestial orb as it will be the closest to our horizon during the time.

The 5th June 2020 Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse will take place at exactly 7:12 pm GMT. If you are a Moon enthusiast, you can stay up all night and enjoy your time under this rare celestial event.

What Can You Do To Harness The Full Moon Eclipse’s Energies Rightfully?

Take time to organize your home or just the spot that you have claimed for yourself. Meditate under the influence of this Full Moon, and you will experience a deep connection with your spiritual self. Lunar Eclipses bring change. This one is particularly important as it indicates the harmony between an ending and a new beginning. Use this time to reflect on what past issues you need to tie up and plan what things you want for your future.

Take in the positive energies unleashed by this Strawberry Full Moon Eclipse, and you will feel a tremendous growth within you.

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